Damage prostate

Prostate, protected by a bony walls pelvic ring and musculoaponeurotic layers crotch, seldom isolated damage which often combined with damage to the rectum, bladder, seminal vesicles. Damage prostate contribute its pathological condition: chronic inflammatory processes, plethora, the fragility of tissue changes and reduced mobility cancer due to infiltration and swelling ligaments. Damage prostate are closed and open.
Closed damage on the part of the urethra usually result from wrong, violent instrumental study of the bladder with the introduction of the catheter, bougie, the cystoscope, lithotripter. Often these injuries are observed in the strictures or inflammatory changes of the walls of the urethra, adenoma of the prostate. The forcible introduction of instruments can lead to the formation of false move into the tissues of the prostate, going in the direction of the bladder or coloproctological fiber.
Damage prostate pain, hematuria, the urine blood to clot, dysuria, fever. In mild cases these effects disappear within 2-3 days. In severe cases, gematuria, dizuria hold on much longer, often susceptible to infections that leads to lung prostatitis or to the formation of an abscess of the prostate.
While damage coloproctological tissue may occur urinary infiltration covering pelvic fiber, followed by the formation of uric phlegmon that requires immediate surgical treatment.
The diagnosis is based on fingering / research of the prostate through the rectum. Palpation painful; prostate increased unevenly, dense; seats defined focus softening. All these phenomena may cover a either one share or to spread to the entire prostate gland. If you have an ulcer, palpation observed zublena.
Open damage prostate happen at gunshot wounds, falling crotch at the forefront of any object or injured by any sharp or cutting weapon and occur much less frequently closed. Gunshot wounds of the prostate are typically combined with damage to the bladder, rectum, urethra. Isolated injuries prostate are extremely rare.
When combined injury symptoms of prostate not appear at once; there are signs of damage to adjacent organs: urinary leakages, vihodnie urine and feces from the wound, discharge of gases with urine. Some time later joined the symptoms of injury prostate cancer: pain in the anus, dysuric phenomena, hematuria. Urinary leakages with subsequent urosepsis usually lead to the death of the wounded. In simpler cases are formed urethrocele or retro-perineal fistula with Rubtsove changes and atrophy prostate, which may lead to sexual dysfunction.
Diagnosis of lesions of prostate put on the basis fingering / research through the rectum (which gives the opportunity to identify the warp or the wound of the prostate)and urethrography. First aid for the wounded of the prostate is the primary treatment. If the damage of the prostate and bladder need imposition suprapubic fistula. In urinary Salecah produce drainage through locking opening or through premonicion pin hole (see Drainage in urology). While wounds rectum impose anus praeternaturalis (see). With extensive wound prostate with a foreign body shows perineal prostatectomy.