Prothrombin time

Prothrombin time (time of Quick) is an indicator of the concentration of prothrombin in the blood plasma.
The protrombinovogo time by the method of Quick. From Vienna take the syringe with 0.9 ml of blood, quickly mixed with 0.1 ml of 0.1 M solution of sodium oxalate; the mixture was centrifuged to separate plasma. In vitro Sali at the temperature of 37 degrees (in a water bath) mixed 0.1 ml tested oxalate plasma, 0.1 ml of 0.025 M solution CaCl2 and 0.1 ml of thromboplastin obtained from brain tissue [1 gram of brain cleared from the blood vessels, touched and suspended in 10 ml of 0.85% NaCl solution, heated at a temperature of 59 degrees and in for 15 minutes and cooled rapidly (plasma to mix, add in last turn)]. Prothrombin time is measured by the amount of time (in seconds) between the time you add the plasma in the mixture and the formation of a clot. Prothrombin time is used to calculate the prothrombin index, and the establishment of the percentage of protrombina (see) in the plasma. Prothrombin index - X is determined by the formula:
X = [(Prothrombin time plasma donor) / (Prothrombin time of plasma of the patient)] X 100
To determine the concentrations of prothrombin (in %) need to have a curve based clotting time oxalate plasma from breeding izotoniceski solution of sodium chloride.
Cm. also the Clotting of blood.