Antianemic remedies

Antianemic remedies, the substance that stimulates eritropoez. Antianemic remedies are divided into two groups: 1) substances used for the treatment of hypochromic anemia,iron supplements (see), the preparation of cobalt Hamid (see), combined product of iron and cobalt - verboven; 2) substances used for the treatment hyperchromic anemia,- cyanocobalamin (see), folic acid (see).
Drugs arsenic (see), which was previously used for the treatment of anemia, currently under these conditions do not apply.
Iron supplements are highly effective for the treatment of hypochromic anemia, especially posthemorrhagic. In cases where iron supplements do not have a medical effect when administered use the drug verboven, which is administered intravenously. Cobalt contained in Verkhovina, stimulates eritropoez and increases the efficiency of iron compounds.
Cyanocobalamin used for the treatment of pernicious anemia. With the same purpose in the past has been campolon (see) - extract from the liver that contains cyanocobalamin. Currently, due to the availability of the cyanocobalamin medications liver lost its importance. Normalization of blood picture in malignant anemia is also achieved through the application of folic acid. However, folic acid does not affect the course of degenerative processes in the Central nervous system, which was observed in malignant anemia, so it can be used for the treatment of malignant anaemia only together with cyanocobalamin. Use of folic acid is most effective at hyperchromic anemia, caused by a deficiency of this vitamin (anaemia in pregnant women, anaemia at tropical disease sprue).

Antianemic remedies - medicinal substance used in the treatment of anemia. They are divided into biological and chemical. To biological Antianemic tools include: blood and its fractions, vitamins: vitamin B12 (see Cyanocobalamin), B6 (see Pyridoxine), folic acid (see) and others, as well as preparations made from liver,- Antianemic, campolon (see). The latter are mainly used for the treatment of pernicious anemia.
Blood and its preparations [see the Blood (drugs)] have long been used for therapeutic purposes. So, Hematogen (blood with alcohol and glycerine), proposed as Antianemic remedies in the late 19th century, used to date in milder forms of anemia among children.
Blood transfusion (see) in acute and chronic posthemorrhagic anemia is one of the most effective ways of treatment. This is substitution therapy, ie, the introduction of the lost blood corpuscles and replenishment of fluid and nutritional materials. Simultaneously stimulating effect of transfused blood caused by irritation of the bone marrow and the strengthening of its functions. Gemostaticescoe blood transfusion is particularly evident in the ongoing bleeding.
In addition to whole blood may transfusion of separate fractions. The transfusions of erythrocyte mass has the advantage that in a unit of its volume contains much more of hemoglobin and erythrocytes than in the blood. 1 mm3 the suspension of erythrocytes contain 6.5 million erythrocytes, and the amount of hemoglobin reaches 105%. Especially effective erythrocyte mass when postgemorragicakih anemiah, with anemia caused by intoxication, sepsis, malignant neoplasms.
When hypochromic anemia caused by depletion, it is advisable transfusion of blood plasma, which is a plastic material and containing proteins, electrolytes, hormones and enzymes. Such transfusion contribute to the inflow into the bloodstream backup erythrocyte mass as spare depot (spleen, muscles, etc.,) and from the bone marrow. After the introduction of plasma comes irritation of hematopoietic system and soon improves peripheral blood.
Chemical Antianemic remedies contain iron, and other minerals: copper, cobalt, manganese. Last of themselves do not affect the regeneration of blood, however, copper is necessary for the absorption and assimilation of iron, and cobalt and manganese act as catalysts. Medicines that contain iron, are mainly used in iron deficiency anemia. The main treatment of such patients is the use of large doses of iron. It aligns broken hemoglobinopathies, promotes eritrocitarnaya and leads to the improvement of the General condition of patients. Very active iron-containing drug is ferrohematogen - a preparation containing elements of blood and iron.
Currently, many Antianemic funds, which, in addition to iron, includes and other trace elements. In the USSR the most widely used drug, hemostimulating containing copper and iron, verboven, composed of iron and cobalt (see Iron, drugs).
Action Antianemic funds are mainly directed to the restoration of the blood, reimbursement of losses of iron or on stimulation of erythropoiesis. Depending on the nature of the disease and the reasons, causing anemia, P.F. can be used as single drug or in combination with the transfusion. In Hypo - and aplastic anemia along with the name of P.F. also used bone marrow transplantation, metallotherapy (see Anemia).