Antitussives are substances or drugs that weaken or suppress the cough reflex. To antitussive tools include codeine (see), Ethylmorphine (see), hydrocodone phosphate, demorgan (see). Pronounced antitussive action also possess narcotic analgesics: morphine (see), Tebodin (see), penadon (see), promedol (see). However, they as antitussives are not normally used as the systematic use cause drug dependence (addiction).
Antitussives have a weak analgesic properties. The ability to produce drug dependency are considerably smaller than those of narcotic analgesics. However, you should consider the possibility of drug dependence to protivokashlevami means. The mechanism of action protivokashlevami means is determined by their depressing effect on the cough center.
Antitussives are used for cough in patients with various diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs.

Antitussives are substances that weaken or suppress the cough reflex. The mechanism of action of funds cough is different; they can afflict both Central and peripheral part of the arc of the cough reflex. The large majority of funds cough is caused by the effect on the cough center.
The main place among protivokashlevami means take opium (see) and its derivatives. The greatest application as antitussive funds found codeine (see), Ethylmorphine, (see) and hydrocodone (see).
Strong antitussive action have morphine, Tebodin, but since they are expressed cause addiction and habituation, as cough remedies are applied only in cases when other funds cough not have a sufficient impact.
Pronounced antitussive properties have penadon and promedol, but their use as antitussive funds also very limited, as in long-term use can cause addiction phenomenon and addiction.
In several countries as antitussives used Ricardo - a mixture of diphenylmethanediisocyanate (drug similar to amphetamine) and oxyphenylmethylaminopropanol (sympathomimetic amine with bronchodilatory effect).
To the finished dosage forms containing opium and codeine, and expectorants are tablets: paregoric, pektol, codterpin.
As antitussives there is also demorgan (see), which is easier to obtain than a derivative of opium, and has less side effects.
As a remedy for cough can be used amizil (see); it does not cause addiction and has a spasmolytic activity. With atropinopodobnye properties amisil connected crackdown secreting glands, including salivary and bronchial that can be useful, for example, surgical interventions. In some cases amizil should be combined with expectorant.
Antitussive effect and has chlorpromazine, but its use as cough limited.
In the USSR synthesized as protivokashlevoe drug viciodin (1-methyl-piperidine-ditionality citrate).