Antiparasitic funds

Antiparasitic funds - drugs used in the fight against parasites that cause harm to people, animals and plants.
Antiparasitic funds are extremely diverse and divided by malaria, antihelminthic, protivooterne etc. Thus, the treatment of malaria patients have long been used quinine and its salts, and at present - plasmoid, hingamin, silohin, Akrikhin, bigumal, hloridin etc. In the treatment of helminthic use various means depending on the type of worms: santonin, Naftalan, henopodievoe oil, heptylresorcinol, piperazine-uranyl, piperazine-adipate, detrain, extract male fern, etc. as a means against leyshmany, Trypanosoma, pileri, schistosomes and treponem used antimony, saucermen. As protivogaznyh funds - emetine, hanifan.
Some of antiparasitic funds are used for destruction of endoparasites, i.e. parasites that live in humans, animals or plants; the other is to destroy ectoparasites, i.e. parasites that live in the air, on land, in water, in the residential and commercial premises. In the fight against mosquitoes, gnats, by biting midges, botflies, flies, ticks, locust, bugs and other insects that are harmful to man, animals and plants, used a variety of dezinficiruyusch funds; the most common tools include DDT, hexachlorocyclohexane, chlorophos, karbofos, typos etc. In order to prevent attacks in the nature of humans and animals some arthropods (insects, mosquitoes, ticks and other) use repellents (see).
Finding antiparasitic funds and development of methods of their application in the USSR, organized by the Institute of medical Parasitology and tropical diseases them. E. I. martynovskogo, Central research disinfection Institute of similar institutions in the system of agriculture.