Proteosome (synonym antiphons) - individual adaptations to protect the ears from the noise. Proteosome should reduce the volume of noise, but not to interfere with the listening of commands and the corresponding signals. Proteosome come in a variety of sample: from cotton wool impregnated with paraffin, put in the ear canal (most often it is used by passengers of airlines), to special sleeves (Fig. 1), rugged channels in which to fade the sound waves. Proteosome in aviation and tank troops are phones, embedded in the special helmets, and these phones in a special capsule tightly closed ear.
On a noisy industries use different dressings and liner (Fig. 2), insulating outer auditory passages from direct contact with sound waves.

Fig. 1. Different types of protivosokove inserted into the ear canal: 1 - double rubber barrier; 2 - Bush Volchek; 3 - a ball with eyelet; 4 - ball anchor; 5 - soft pneumatic sleeve; 6 - paraffin valnicek; 7 - soft sleeve with a viscous mass and wooden shield Kalmykov.
Fig. 2. The cap (1) and bind (2) with sacks filled with special mass.

Proteosome - individual adaptations to protect the ear from exposure to intense or prolonged noise and sounds.
There are many types of protivosokove: stub from different materials for blockage of the ear canal, antiphons, headphones, filters, helmet, Balaclava, bandages, etc. depending on the noise level and frequency spectrum, working conditions and individual needs are two main types of Petrograd: a) investing in the ear canal in the form of traffic jams stub or in the form of special instruments with air channels and b) in the form of headphones, dressing or helmet, covering the auricle and the parotid region.
The first group includes ebony beads ("Amriki, sleeves, cork and other, Fig. 1), designated for plugging external ear canal and made from semi-soft, resistant, elastic materials, which allows them to take the form of external ear canal.
In some individuals the use of stub causes unpleasant sensation of a foreign body in the ear, and sometimes cause inflammation of the external ear canal and eczema ear. The absence in the door of the air channels, providing gradual equalization of pressure, can the sudden change (changes) of atmospheric pressure cause barotrauma.
To isolate all of the parotid region use proteosome second group - various samples headphones (Fig. 2), helmets and bands that protect the ear from the effects of explosions (detonation), absorb large sound pressure. For greater effectiveness, they should probably more close to the ear and petrous part of the temporal bone. Ring P. (platen), sealing parotid space needs to be put on the fabric with which it comes into contact, sufficient pressure, distributed across the surface of the edge of the cushion.
Pretiosum should be easy, convenient and practical to use, free to put and withdraw, not to interfere with the movements of the head and review, not to put pressure on ear or ear canal and not to be spoiled with hygienic processing. If necessary, the use of Petrograd should be combined with the use of head coverings and application of the negotiation of the equipment (telephone, radio).

Fig. 1. Proteosome inserted into the ear canal: 1 - dual-device of soft rubber; 2 - ebony ball; 3 - "anchor"; 4 - wool in rubber sheath; 5 - sleeve Vojacek.
Races. 2. Proteosome earphones with headband.