Protivoepilepticheskie tools

Protivoepilepticheskie tools - drugs used for treatment and prevention of syphilis. To protivoepidemicheskih tools include drugs penicillin (see Penicillins) is the sodium salt of benzylpenicillin, benzylpenicillin potassium salt, economically, bicillin 1, bicillin-3; bismuth preparations (biogenol, bismoverol, meteorol, pentabosol); drugs arsenic (noversana, Marsena, osarsol). Drugs mercury, which earlier was widely used for the treatment of syphilis, currently the specified purpose is practically not used because of low efficiency.
Penicillin drugs are among the main protivoepidemicheskih funds. Of short-acting penicillin - penicillin (sodium and potassium salts) is used for the treatment of syphilis in the hospital (injections do 6-8 times a day). Penicillin drugs with longer action - economically - injected 1-2 times a day and use both in-patient and out-patient.
Bicillin, which is the longest, is used for the treatment of syphilis much less due to the increased risk of allergic reactions and the possibility of uneven absorption of the drug for the injection.
Bismuth preparations are usually used as additional protivoepilepticheskie funds. Bismuth drugs that are injected intramuscularly, slowly absorbed. This allows repeated injections at intervals to 4 days.
Biyohinol, bismoverol and meteorol are water-insoluble drugs. Soluble in water pentabosol is distinguished by high activity, less toxic and more rapid absorption, however, the injections are often painful.
Courses injection of drugs bismuth alternate courses of penicillin therapy.
Side effects in normal dosage of bismuth preparations occur relatively rarely, which distinguishes them from drugs arsenic. Most expressed influence of drugs bismuth on the kidneys. When albuminuria, zilindruria treatment bismuth stop.
Drugs arsenic currently for the treatment of syphilis is rarely used. They are used as additional protivoepidemicheskih funds with resistant forms of syphilis or in case of impossibility of penicillin therapy due to the increased sensitivity to penicillin. Drugs trivalent arsenic - noversana and Marsena - are more active protivoepilepticheskie means than the drug pentavalent arsenic - osarsol. Noversana injected, Marsena - intramuscularly, osarsol take inside. To Marstalu is usually used in cases when it is difficult to intravenous injection.
Drugs arsenic can cause many complications that manifest themselves immediately after their introduction (headache, vomiting, a sharp drop in blood pressure and others)and in a few weeks (liver, nervous system, dermatitis and other). The most effective treatment for late toxic reactions to drugs arsenic, and complications caused by drugs bismuth is unithiol.
As protivoepilepticheskie means you can use the drugs iodine (see) - potassium iodide, sodium iodide, who appoint a special testimony.
In the treatment of syphilis specific protivoepilepticheskie tool, you can combine the methods of non-specific stimulation therapy. As a means of nonspecific therapies in some forms of syphilis use of pyrogenal (see) is a drug that increases the temperature and increases the protective reactions of the organism. Separate protivoepilepticheskie funds - see the article by name drugs.

Protivoepilepticheskie tools - drugs used for treatment and prevention of syphilis. In their application Treponema pallidum no longer detected in the discharge of sifiliguu that regressing, positive serological test gradually moving in the negative, pathologically altered cerebrospinal fluid saniyede, and when properly administered treatment begins recovery of the patient.
Before the introduction in the treatment of syphilis penicillin most effective protivoepilepticheskie means was considered organic compounds trivalent [salvarsan, noversana (see), Marsena (see), armenocide] and pentavalent arsenic (see Osarsol). Currently, preparations arsenic rarely used due to the length of treatment, and, most important, serious complications that occur frequently after their application. In most cases applied bessmyslennoe treatment that with good endurance provides therapeutic effect.
Bismuth finally replaced mercury and its products, because of the high therapeutic activity and good tolerability of bismuth. Mercury, known for centuries, according to the present schemes and instructions for the treatment of syphilis can be applied only for the treatment of patients with hard place syphilis nervous system, when it is advisable to use immunobiological action of rubbing mercury ointment, or if it is impossible to use injection drugs bismuth.
From drugs bismuth in the USSR widely used high-level and well-tolerated insoluble in water biyohinol (see) and bismoverol (see). Other insoluble bismuth preparations - meteorol, kseroforma (see), dermatol (see), salicylate, or bismuth nitrate,as protivoepilepticheskie funds are not used as therapeutic efficacy and tolerability are far below bikanau and bismoverol. Introduced in the form of oil mist intramuscularly insoluble bismuth preparations form in the tissues of the depot, where they gradually absorbed and slowly excreted from the body. Suspended insoluble bismuth preparations have several disadvantages: they use may lack the precision of dosing, they slowly eliminated permanently settle in the tissues of the body. Soluble in water pentabosol (see) has a high activity and low toxicity and fast elimination from the body, but the injections are often painful. All drugs bismuth nephrotropic. Their influence on kidneys depends on the number entered bismuth and intervals between injections, the nature of elimination of the drug, which in turn is due to the General condition of the patient, from the functional state of the kidneys, from technology of treatment, as well as professional and household conditions, in which the patient. So, the sick, working physically located in motion, going in for sports, faster allocate bismuth, rather than leading a sedentary lifestyle. In the treatment of bismuth requires regular, especially in the second half of the course, the examination of urine. The emergence of bismuth cells (reborn cell renal epithelium) but does not require discontinuation of treatment, but obliges the doctor is more cautious to continue treatment bismuth, lengthening the interval between injections to 1 to 3 days. When albuminuria, zilindruria, etc., you need to stop treatment with bismuth, to assign to the shared baths, diathermy kidney inside the hyposulphite.

Among protivoepidemicheskih funds are iodine preparations (see), which are appointed for special indications (syphilis fever in the early periods of the disease, persistent headaches, periostitis, myositis, arthropathies), and after each course of therapy with bismuth, to help eliminate
deposited in the tissues of bismuth. With the active forms of tertiary, late cardiovascular syphilis, and syphilis nervous system iodine preparations appointed to the treatment of other protivoepilepticheskie means. Treatment of these patients spend increasing doses of iodine preparations for 1 - 3 weeks. The most commonly used potassium iodide, and heart diseases - sodium iodide as potassium ions inhibit the function of the heart. Well tolerated iodine solution or organic compound of iodine - calcium izbejat (Saladin). Patients tertiary syphilis with the defeat of the nasopharynx, perforation of the soft palate in order to avoid the rapid disintegration humongo infiltrate followed by the formation of edema of the larynx iodine preparations should be prescribed with caution.
Main protivoepilepticheskie means are antibiotics particularly penicillin and its products. Spirochetosis action in varying degrees, have other antibiotics chloramphenicol (see), streptomycin (see), tetracycline (see) and erythromycin (see). Penicillin has a high therapeutic activity, and therefore refers to the number of specific spirohetozah funds; has good portability, however, some people with high sensitivity it can cause an allergic (urticaria, skin itch) reactions, including severe shock. That is why, assigning penicillin treatment and drugs, it is necessary carefully to interview patients about portability in the past antibiotics. With the preventive purpose it is recommended to assign patients receiving penicillin, antihistamines [diphenhydramine (see), promethazine (see), pipolfen, diazolin (see)]. Quick selection of penicillin from the body makes to introduce it often, every 2-3 hours, making it impossible to use it in the conditions of outpatient treatment. In addition, part of injection solutions penicillin disturb the sleep of patients that affects their General condition. In this regard were synthesized repository drugs, which include bicillin (see), economically, prolonged action is akmolina - antibiotic animal origin. Economically intramuscularly, dukhomenko in outer quadrant of the buttocks is in the hospital twice and 300 000 BD, outpatient once daily to 600 000 UNIT that provides therapeutic concentrations of penicillin in the blood during 24-28 hours.
The need to introduce penicillin and its repository drugs by injection has led to synthesize drugs are similar actions are used inside. These drugs have expressed specific action, refers dentists, indicated for the treatment of visceral syphilis, syphilis small children and those patients who, for whatever reason, you cannot apply injections of penicillin. In these cases, dentists is prescribed in doses twice as daily and obscuritie dose of penicillin. Effective drug for oral treatment of syphilis is also erythromycin (see), appointed on 30 g at the rate of 1.5 g / day (5 receptions 0.3 grams).
When treating patients with syphilis should always take measures that allow the body to quickly mobilize the protective mechanisms. With this purpose it is recommended to combine specific tools with the methods of non-specific stimulation therapy. Such non-specific tools include: subcutaneous injection of oxygen injection of sulfur (2% suspension in persikovom oil), vitamins (B1, B6, B12), balneotherapy. The most active means of stimulating therapy are pyrogens - microbial polysaccharides [pirogenal (see)],strengthens protective reactions of the organism (see Pyrotherapy). Pirogenal recommended in the treatment seropreva syphilis. Pirogenal well tolerated; designate through 2 - 3 days in doses 10-20-30 mcg; further dose gradually increased up to 80 - 100-120-150 mcg; the rate of non-specific therapy consists of 8-12 injection.