Pruritus hemangioma

Pruritus hemangioma - itching female genital mutilation; quite often is a symptom of any disease, such as eczema, dermatitis, leukoplakia, kraurosis and others, but may be an independent disease, and pruritus ani, when no other reason other diseases that could cause itching.
Cause itching genitals can be both local and General changes in a woman's body. Of the common reasons need to specify General weakness, reduced feeding, gipovitaminoz. Diabetes is a common cause itching female genital organs. It is desirable to identify allergic factor sensitivity medicinal substances, which sometimes cause itching.
Estrogennaya lack menopausal age, especially in menopause, accompanied senile vaginitis is the most frequent cause itching. Predisposition to skin diseases can to a certain extent, cause itching vulva (see Itching of the skin). Heavy vaginal discharge which macerate the skin of the external genitals; especially sharp irritation and itching cause the selection to the soil Trichomonas vaginitis. Chemical irritants (some drugs, contraceptives) can sometimes cause itching female genital organs. If there are several factors you need to identify the leading of them. Genital itching occurs more often with decreased function of the ovary (with less education of estrogens and menopause (when a sudden decrease of estrogen).
Treatment. Balls containing 1000-2000 IU of estrogen, apply for 12-15 days which often gives a good, but a temporary effect. The best results come from a combination of balls with intramuscular injections follikulina or estradiol at 5000 UNITS 1-2 times a week. Instead of injections can be assigned inside sinestrol or ochestra. The use of estrogen, especially in menopause can sometimes cause uterine bleeding, therefore, requires caution and close monitoring. In the selection and appointment of treatment, especially estrogen and physiotherapy, one should not forget that itching female reproductive organs may be a symptom of cancer of the vagina and vulva.
Treatment of an itch female genital organs should not be confined to the application alone of hormones. They should always be combined with other methods of General and local therapy. Very good results are sitting baths with chamomile. Good results from the use of combination estrogen with anesthetic agents in the form of ointment (oksikort). Good effect is obtained from the use of androgens (methyltestosterone twice a day 2 tablets 5 mg or 1 tablet of metilandrostendiona 10 mg twice a day). In some severe cases obtained encouraging results from the use of procaine blockade (local) and anesthesia private parts nerves 0.25% solution novokaina (75-100 ml) in the area of the right and left bawdy nerve. Such blockade produced after the third day, 3-4 times per course. On returning to the symptoms blockade can be repeated. Using any method of treatment of an itch, you must assign the preparations of Valerian, small doses of barbiturates and other, and also to offer to settle the mode of the day and meals.
In more rare cases, when the specified activities are ineffective, have to resort to the injection to 95% solution of alcohol directly into the skin in places itching or to surgery (resection of the private parts of the nerve).