Pryamokishechnye combined study

In cases where the study through the vagina impossible (virgins, when atresia of the vagina), as well as in all those cases when you need more detailed examination of the pelvic organs (state posterior fiber pelvis, hips uterine ligaments, etc.,), is the study through the rectum.
Before the examination it is necessary to cleanse the bowels. The study is performed in a rubber glove or fingertip study.
with one finger, greased with vaseline. The position of the patient and hand position is the same as a vaginal examination (Fig. 31).
In some cases, have to resort to rectal-vaginal examination. In this method of survey is inserted into the vagina index finger into the rectum - the middle finger of the hand and the other hand grope pelvic organs through the skin integuments. In some cases it is expedient in the vagina to enter the thumb and rectum - index (Fig. 32). This method is easier to navigate in position infiltrates and tumors related to premonicion-vaginal septum.