Psammoma (from the Greek. psammos - sand; synonym of acervulina) - is a rare tumor that contains a large number of spherical sand (pamatnik, samaneh) Taurus. Psammoma different histogenesis fibroids, meningiomas, and others). Therefore correct to speak about samotnou the fibroid, samotnou the meningioma and other
Psammoma on cuts has a whitish color and grain structure, reminiscent of cancellous bone. Histological examination in tumor tissue detect clusters of spherical hyaline and lime Taurus. Such sandy bullock (corpora arenacea) in the form of large groups find in the vascular plexus brain (Fig.), and their number is increasing dramatically due to age-related changes. Separate bullock found in the tissue of the brain and brain called sand (acervulus cerebrale). These sandy bullock arise from dying of cellular elements and protein clumps, which concentric layers of tissue fluid fall salts and organic substances.

The accumulation of sand Taurus in vascular plexuses of the human brain.