Pseudoforces [from Greek. pseudes - false + abrasions; synonym: pseudoforces finger (pseudofurunculosis Finger), multiple abscesses in children (abscessus multiplex infantum, pyodermia sudoralis)] - inflammation eccrine sweat glands caused by Staphylococcus.
Observed in newborns is weak, exhausted, when excessive wrap, the absence of proper hygienic care. Favourite localization - the neck, back, buttocks, back surface of the hips and other Disease develops more often on the 2-3rd month of life. The inflammatory process in pseudoformicaleo begins with epidermal part of the excretory duct (poet), may apply to the entire duct sweat glands and involve them in the process surrounding tissue (peripheric) with the formation on the surface of small, the size of a pinhead and thin lid pustules containing the yellowish-white pus and surrounded by a narrow bezel hyperemia. Pustules, drying up, turn into a point crust; their rejection of the formed surface, quickly necrotic erosion. Consistently involved in the process and the glomeruli of the sweat glands, forming separated, hemispherical size from a pea to hazelnut fluktuiruyushchimi knots and units (multiple abscesses). The skin above them thinner becomes bluish or blue-purple color. At the opening of the nodes pus. Healing ends with a scar. Disease duration 1-2 months. Often pseudoforces accompanied by a General disorders, rise in temperature up to 39-40 degrees (see Staph infection).
In adults pseudoforces is extremely rare - in patients with various chronic diseases [heavy forms of diabetes (S. I. Pavlov)]. From furunculosis pseudoforces has no necrotic core.
Treatment: broad-spectrum antibiotics (penicillin, erythromycin, signalizing and others), intramuscular injections of the mother's blood, right, vitamin-rich diet, the total exposure to ultraviolet light, dry heat (heaters), UHF, sollux, etc.
Mature abscesses opened. After removing come cavity is treated with a solution of penicillin or 1% iodine tincture, 1-2% alcohol solution of one of aniline paints and oil 5-10% syntomycin emulsion. On unripe abscesses impose net Ichthyol (Ichthyol cake). The skin around the found nodes handle 5-10% camphor or 2% salicylic spirit.
Prevention: health care (frequent bathing, changing a diaper), eliminate disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, sweating.