Pseudocolor (synonym esophageal voice) - the sound generated in the esophagus with the passage of air through the gap between the walls (pseudophilosophy slit). Patients deprived of possibility normal golosovania resulting from the removal of the larynx (usually for malignant tumors), are trained to pseudopolis specialist speech therapy. Training should begin at the early postoperative period. The course continues 1-1,5 months. Bezorderny sick, well seized pseudogroup receive reliable means of verbal communication.

Pseudocolor (synonym esophageal voice - the voice of patients with a remote larynx. Body, sounding at laryngectomized is the esophagus. A mandatory condition for the formation of pseudochaos is the creation pseudoglobal slit. Well speaking of patients it is located on level CV-VI, have little knowledge of sounding speech by means of the CIV or CVII. The length of the slit at the first equal to 3.5 cm, the second - from 1 to 1.5, see
Methods of creation of pseudogenes can be divided into four stages. The first (preparatory) - training of muscles of the front wall of the esophagus and balances the muscles gortana-throat. With this purpose the patient offer to play the harmonica and teach it at the same time to do a deep, quiet breath and exhale, and silently to breathe, through a tracheostomy.
The second stage (the formation of sound pseudogenes) - creation of favorable conditions for education pseudoglobal slit at the level CV-VI. To do this, recommend the following exercise: the student standing tips body forward and freely with her hands folded, imitate the pronunciation of sound "s"; the language must be clamped between his teeth, aperture is raised, the abdominal muscles are strained. This exercise patient repeats a few times, then it is usually possible to call the sound of pseudogenes that you should immediately enter into syllables, words, and small sentences. The syllables and words must start with the sounds of "K", "t", "p", which are formed from closing speech organs without the participation and voice are most accessible to say at the beginning of training.
The third stage is the beginning of dialogue by means of pseudogenes, as well as the work on the sonority and intelligible speech of the patient.
The fourth stage is the work on voice and modulations of pseudogenes.
Training starts soon after the operation and completion of the course of therapy. Course duration is from 1 to 1,5 months. Most patients are so well-masters pseudogroup that can talk on the phone and speak to a large audience. You should not begin training in the presence of postoperative fistulas and irritation of the skin around tracheostomy, and infiltrates the soft tissues of the neck.