The elastic pseudoxanthoma

Pseudoxanthoma elastic - rare systemic disease caused by defeat of elastic fabric. Elastic, pseudoxanthoma characterized by the appearance of the skin side of the neck, armpit and groin areas of small yellowish knots, the grouping stripes or merge into plaques. Subjective sensations there. Elastic, pseudoxanthoma often accompanied by the appearance of angiogenic bands in the retina, the change of elastic tissue in the endocardium and blood vessels, which in severe cases can cause hemorrhage, blindness. Forecast for life generally favorable.
Treatment: systematic intake of vitamin E 1/2 teaspoon 2 times a day and concentrate of vitamin a in 10 drops 3 times a day for 20 days a month-long break.
Prevention of complications: all patients suffering from elastic pseudoxanthoma, to examine the fundus of the eye and the state of the cardiovascular system.

pseudoxanthoma elastic

Pseudoxanthoma elastic (pseudoxanthoma elasticum, Darier, 1896) is a rare congenital system dystrophy elastic tissue characterized by the appearance on the skin of the neck, in the axillary and inguinal folds, sometimes on the torso and hips yellowish persistent knots symmetrical positioning in bands or plaques (printing. Fig. 1 and 2). Often you can detect changes in the retina (Bruch's membrane) in the form of "angiogenic bands". Such combination is called a syndrome Gronblad - Strandberg. In addition, against the background of the primary "destruction elastics" possible destruction of blood vessels, aorta, heart, spleen and other, and also the phenomenon of early atherosclerosis, hypertension, hemorrhage and lesions of nervous system. Histologically: destruction elastics, fiber which curled, lumpy thickened, places razvelecheny and torn, saturated with calcium and bazafile painted.
The etiology and pathogenesis of elastic pseudoxanthoma unclear. To distinguish elastic pseudoxanthoma from senile elastosis and Xanthomonas disease is not difficult due to the early onset of the disease and the absence of violations of lipoid metabolism.
Oseltamivir is necessary in patients elastic pseudoxanthoma to examine the fundus of the eye and the state of the cardiovascular system. The prognosis is favorable. It is recommended that long term use of vitamins a and E.