Psevdomatematicheskoe syndrome

Psevdomatematicheskoe syndrome (synonym pseudoparabolic) - a combination of symptoms, manifested by elevated mood with carelessness, contentment themselves and others, feeling good mental and physical health, a revaluation of its features or delusions of grandeur. Criticism roughly broken or missing. Actions patients ridiculous - unnecessary shopping sprees, sexual disinhibition, identity theft committed in full view of everyone, etc., the Degree of impairment of memory and intellect range from relatively mild to very deep. Accompanied by a variety of neurological and somatic disorders.
Clinical manifestations psevdomatematicheskoe syndrome is very similar to progressive paralysis (see).
Psevdomatematicheskoe the syndrome occurs when organic acute and chronic diseases (syphilis, traumatic and vascular psychosis), shows a great gravity organic process and requires immediate hospitalization.