Pseudoplane is cicatricial alopecia - form atrophic of hair loss. The etiology is unclear. Pseudoplane sometimes occurs simultaneously with lichen planus, patchy scleroderma and other dermatoses. Ill more often than women aged 30-50 years. On the scalp occur small round scar-atrophic lesions alopecia, gradually increasing in size and number. Together, they form pockets of skin atrophy with scalloped border; gradually the epidermis becomes thinner, hair follicles and sebaceous glands atrophy. Skin color is not modified. Treatment pseudobinary: erythemal radiation doses of ultraviolet rays, darsonvalization, inside concentrate of vitamin a and vitamin E. the Disease sometimes independently stops developing.

Pseudoplane (pseudopelade) - a rare form of atrophic of hair loss. Described Brock (L. Brocq). The etiology is unknown. A number of dermatologists consider pseudobulb as residual manifestation of other skin diseases, with which pseudoplane can be combined (lupus, red flat zoster, the syndrome Glassware-little, a plaque scleroderma), and considers pseudobulb as pseudoplatystoma state.
Pseudoplane occurs more often in women aged 30-50 years. On the scalp in the field crown formed small magnitude plots round or oval. Slowly increasing in number and size, they merge together and form a field of considerable size with scalloped edges. The skin on the affected areas and atrophic as if depressed; the color of her or normal, or resembles the color of ivory. Sometimes on the periphery marked Horny spines or easy peeling. The hair on the edges easily pulled, and the root of them wrapped vitreous coupling. On large bald patches often marked Islands normal hair. Subjective feelings are absent. Pseudoplane stretches over the years, progressing extremely slowly, independently stops in development; formed atrophic plots remain until the end of life of the patient. Histologically first celebrated inflammatory infiltrate of lymphocytes and histiocytes, located mostly around the upper and middle thirds of the hair follicles. In the later period - thinning of the epidermis and connective tissue fibrosis of the dermis. Hair follicles and sebaceous glands are missing. The sweat glands and muscle lifting the hair, stored. The diagnosis should be deleted favus, lupoid sycosis and the above-mentioned diseases.
Treatment in most cases unsuccessfully. Recommended long techniques of vitamins a, E, rubbing in the margins sulfur, salicylic ointment (5-10%), illuminated with UV rays. Cm. also Baldness.