Psychological peculiarities of children of school age

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Seniors often engage in so-called group relationships. If the work of the Komsomol organization passes interesting and exciting, the young people receive moral satisfaction from the collective of meetings, events. But if the school is not given enough attention and care on the joint leisure for youth, there are groups *. High school students without a special reserve to say about them:
"We are not interested: lessons,... jobs... No parties, no debates. So all and broke into groups that meet and holidays, and evenings. Everyone is interested in your -- Like Islands in the ocean...".
These groups has its own interests, views, aspirations. Left to themselves, boys and girls are sometimes not spend their time, misunderstood questions relations, violate generally known norms of behavior. Gathering in the yards they too loudly laughing, singing, playing guitar and modern songs, make a fuss, and later sent to "walk" through the streets. Then is, says P. M. Jacobson, mutual "infected" with these or those emotions. And these emotions can be negative, harmful, corrupting those who fell into this group. Such groups may become quite soldered and to prevent offences hooliganism. The basis of their Association in these cases are common risk, the total bail, fear of exposure **.
It should be emphasized in these cases that the danger opportunity to know and not the best philosophy in the field of sexual relations.
As you know, the bad and the ugly is transferred from one that is already saturated with vulgarity, to another, randomly got into a group, morally pure, but not proof. In such cases, the group is a threat to nerazvrscene and clean young people, for the welfare of their present and future family. Therefore, parents should be as close as possible to their grown-up children, how substantial is to organize leisure of the family and try to be stronger, more interesting youths that may influence your son or daughter.
A source of good moral sentiments of senior pupils is reality in all its diversity. Stay out of town, surrounded by nature, the sea cannot but affect gentle and dreamy person boys. Admiring nature, it is set on elevated mood, recalls his friends and to meet here new friends, in a special way perceive: sometimes an ordinary girl its plain calico swimsuit, with her shoulders hair seems almost beautiful. It is possible that a different environment, our young man and would not pay attention to this girl and passed by. But now! Here, in nature, everything seems unusual. Besides it is impossible to withdraw and special enthusiasm of the young parties to the physical people of the opposite sex. So it turns out that the feeling of love arise quite unexpectedly.
In addition, the sources of feelings can be read of the book, covering the issues of intimate relations, and plays and movies on themes of morals. Did you happen to see this episode: after reading the last page favourite book and closed it, a senior long sitting, lost in thought, his head in his hands. His eyes sparkle with delight. It is a long time silent, and then says softly, "What kind of people are on earth! Strong in spirit, and heart. Tatyana's and she loved him and how rejected! What kind of pride and power. If I ever met such a person! To go with him - isn't it happiness?".
While the heroes of Turgenev? Nekrasov? Nikolai Ostrovsky? Lena S. after reading the novel How the steel was tempered", said, "If I ever will love, only such a one as Paul...".
Reading books, watching performances, young people begin to choose ideals, to educate their feelings, to regulate their conduct with the characters.
Cause wonderful feelings are and personal observation of the lives of other people, meeting them. Boys and girls often feel love, manifested in the attitude toward the teacher, friend adult.

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