Psychological peculiarities of children of school age

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And then, finally, came the most beautiful time in the lives of children - youth. From yesterday's awkward, gangly, awkward teenagers they turned into a slim, energetic, outwardly quite adult people. Of course, these changes did not happen suddenly, sharply, as happens in the story. And you know that your daughter is not immediately became feminine and graceful, and her son is strong and courageous. You know and another that with the coming into your home a wonderful guest - youth, your concerns, excitement and anxiety is over... You are right, saying: "little children - small concerns, big children big concern."
Youth age lasts from 15 to 22 years. In these years the youth, as a rule, shall enter into the Komsomol and begins to actively engage in public Affairs, receives the passport.
A great place in the life of a high school student occupy dreams about the future profession, about the way he will go in your life, Seriously thinking over his future, young man, if you are attentive and the help of adults, begins to engage in self-education. He's trying to read more books about favourite profession, listening to the radio about it, is recorded in the appropriate circle, thereby preparing themselves for the future. The most important task of parents and educators - to use this crucial stage of activity of high school, his aspiration to self-improvement, and help him not only to read books or listen on future activities, but also to develop the qualities necessary to the best of its implementation.
Century And Sukhomlinsky correctly pointed out that the main thing is the education of humanity. A hundredfold more important what person becomes a child than what it will be: a mechanic, a gardener, a teacher, an engineer, and so on
In the mental development of young men and women also undergoing big changes.
Significantly changed the thinking process of becoming a more critical, capable of analysis and synthesis. The young man has already sufficiently large stock of knowledge, and knowledge analyzed and generalized. The system of knowledge, skills and views on the world, on people and norms of behaviour is the Outlook of the senior schoolboy. He can now understand those or other life events, actions of other people and their own.
The memory of senior pupils is improving, becoming more and more conceptual, logical. They can now not only successfully to remember large sections of the textbook, but also to apply knowledge in practical work in the laboratory, on the school grounds, in the workshops.
The speech of the senior becomes rich and meaningful. Intensively formed and different interests and cognitive, social, political, aesthetic and ethical, and they become more sustainable and effective. Students erased classes are not just theoretically interested in this or that subject, they seek to learn more about it you can read about it, to do some things yourself in laboratories etc.
Special significance of the aesthetic and ethical interests arising in the process of communication with nature, art, people. Young people are fond of literature, poetry, theatre art. Many boys and girls I write poems, poems, stories, devoting them to your friends and Homeland.
What is happening in my Junior year of serious developments in the physical and spiritual development are leading to increased interest in them and their personality. Boys and girls begin to carefully examine their own advantages and disadvantages, to analyze their external and spiritual qualities. Often, this analysis leads to self-education. Along with the increasing interest in itself appears and interest to the feelings of others. As adults, older students begin to understand the "heart" of flour or another hero of the book, thin insanity of people and know how to Respond to them: to comfort, to soboleznovanie, to offer specific aid, etc., Such sincere emotional awareness and sensitivity, the characteristic of youth.
The duty of parents to understand correctly the youth, to take into account her age peculiarities, do not ridicule her First awkward attempts of self-analysis, creativity, and, on the contrary, contribute to the development Aspirations to join the beautiful, the ability to cognize him and to create.
The center of interest become intimate personal life. In the years of youth are formed ideals. Boys and girls choose to follow those People, with whom they met or met, and Which stood before them as a kind of positive.
This sample can be parents, teacher, hero of the book, casually met people. The presence of the ideal of the older pupil demonstrates his quest to find a worthy example to follow. It's a shame when some part of the youth, not being able to critically examine what they saw and heard, chooses for himself the ideal of the unworthy people, selfish, vulgar, petty, but who outwardly make a good impression. Getting under the influence of such "ideal", young people can join the bad behavior. Parents trust, tactful Council is due to help debunk such false ideal.