About the psychology of a teenager

What are the changes that happen in the mental development of adolescents?
Unlike younger schoolchildren, adolescents are not simply good faith to learn the course material, but also to systemize and generalize and analyze it. Their memory is enriched with new concepts, it becomes meaningful, able not just mechanically reproduce heard, but also realize, Refine it, to draw conclusions. Thinking is becoming more and more abstract, capable of logical analysis of the studied. About abstract concepts, such as the heroism, beauty, happiness, teen knows how to speak seriously, is critical. If earlier the question, what is heroism, he said in particular: "This is a pilot Maresyev" or "That when a man is afraid of nothing," that now, especially older adolescent, responds differently: "This is a trait of character, the property of the person". For the attention of the adolescent specific characteristic selectivity: he can get involved in the new business and be very focused and at the same time to forget about other, less interesting for him Affairs and will be for them not careful.
Especially noticeable changes in the imagination of a teenager. He becomes inclined to imagine yourself as a hero of the cosmos or the border guard. The teenager understands, of course, that this is still a distant dream, but she is still very expensive, because decorates his life and confronts him many tasks to achieve future dreams.
In this age intensively formed and the will of a teenager, which lies in the ability to overcome difficulties in the name of the goal.
Dreaming of heroic, teen strives sometimes today to act like a hero. He refuses sweet, and even from food, "I want to check whether I can be like Lyuba Shevtsova, as the same street, house who was starving". Not being able to properly develop the will, children often invent for themselves artificial difficulties: sleep on nails, "as Rakhmetov"crawling on the eaves of the roofs of multi-storey houses, etc., But at the same time they can not resist the temptation to watch TV when you have to teach lessons, and much more.
The duty of adults to help children to overcome the unwillingness to work, laziness, selfishness and conceit, rudeness, etc.,
Of great importance to control their feelings, for the manifestation at the right moment, endurance, self-control, patience is the strength of will.
Entering into friendly relations with each other, boys and girls, young men and women must be able to maintain the purity of these relations, to remain chaste and strong spirit.
Feelings teen contradictory: he is cheerful, merry, cheerful, listless, dull, silent, dreaming about a heroic deed, and then insecure, all doubts.
Teen peculiar affective flash: he can cry for nothing, be rude, loud laugh. We need to look to him and to identify the cause of change in his feelings. This can cause erotic thoughts, attempts of self-satisfaction (onanizma)that arise from it and remain a heavy burden in the mind.
Teenagers are not always sensitive and to each other and to adults. Seeing attentive boy to the girl, evil they can make fun of them, to be cruel and callous to his friends and at the same time are able to feel the grief of people and help them.
With mixed feelings, moods teenager and often leads to conflicts with adults who, not having seen and heard about him, seek to issue quickly strict penalties.
We very briefly called just some mental peculiarities of adolescence. Among them, of particular importance in the organization of proper sex education in the family have, undoubtedly, feelings, primarily expressing the relation of the child to the representatives of the opposite sex.
If for younger students, the prevailing attitude with peers is a partnership organized without distinction, selection, for teenagers, when you save this sense, the prevailing still is friendship. Therefore, education of children and adolescents of different sex necessarily includes as an integral element of the feeling of friendship, the right of communication with grown-up friends, respect of their gender, their strengths and aspirations. Raising the floor will be a great challenge to parents is to teach the children the beauty of companionship, purity and chastity relations.