Effective development of measures of prevention (first of all primary) mental diseases is closely connected with existing knowledge about the origin of these diseases. However, currently known etiology of a very small number of mental diseases - some forms of oligophrenia and individual mental disorders, conditioned by infectious and toxic factors. About the reasons of the other, i.e., most mental illnesses, we are still not aware. In these cases, preventive measures aimed at the elimination of the circumstances and factors that can contribute to mental illness and their recurrence, and the changing of the disease in chronic forms (secondary and tertiary prevention) .
The Soviet health care considers prevention basis for the organization of all medical care. Special legislation on benefits for pregnant women, systematic and full medical services future mothers - the early and very important preventative measure mental health of the future person. Special monitoring of the development of children of early age in the children's consultations provide an opportunity to take precautionary measures against various infections and other childhood diseases, and thus promote healthy physical and mental development of the child. In the Soviet Union eliminated many infections that often occur with neuropsychiatric disorders. Thanks to advances in the control of other infectious and somatic diseases can prevent severe, and therefore increased the exhaustion of the nervous system, which can lead to mental disorders. A wide network of resorts, sanatoria and rest houses in the Soviet Union has a beneficial effect on health.
Important to prevent neuro-psychiatric morbidity have favorable conditions for the full development of abilities and meet the spiritual needs of the individual, the lack of social factors leading to insecurity, discrimination, and as a consequence - to the emotional tension, fear and worry. The value of social conditions at the origin of the neuro-psychiatric morbidity is well illustrated by many foreign psychiatrists, marking high rates of mental diseases among the poor layers of the society, but also among the population, subjected to racial discrimination.
In addition to the General social conditions, an important role in the prevention of mental disorders have the right education, good relationships in the family and at work, and the dissemination of health and psycho-hygienic knowledge among the population. In the conditions of Soviet reality not only are there no General social preconditions conducive to the manifestation of nervous and mental diseases, but there are all conditions for harmonious spiritual and physical development of a personality, elimination of the relationships in the team and in the family of all that is undermining mental health.
Direct contact centers with the population, with the Soviet authorities and public organizations, enterprises, medical establishments of General type allows clinics to effectively participate in the General preventive work.