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The mental health of the family and sexual life

The family can help to reveal creative abilities of the person, to stimulate it on public benefit activities or hold down its initiative, to undermine the moral. Marriage is happy in those cases, when the spiritual and the physical proximity are harmonious unity.
Socialist social and political system is interested in family cohesion and creates all conditions for a successful marriage. However, many of concluded marriages subsequently dissolved. The reason for this is lack of preparation for marriage. Among the factors contributing to the divorce, note the lack of understanding; inability to keep the house; the inability to properly organise free time and alcoholism of one of the spouses; sexual frustration due to the lack of necessary knowledge concerning private life; the impact of the remnants of obsolete ideas in the sphere of sexual relations; lack of equality and tact in family life and sexual relations etc. From conflicts in the family are suffering not only spouses, but also other family members, especially children. Education in single-parent families or families with a conflicting relationship between the parents is defective, promoting occurrence of neurosis at children and forming their anomalies nature. Later, as adults, such psychopathic personality unable to properly build relationships in their own families, which leads to the disintegration of the family.
The importance of a favorable psychological climate in the family for health and social functioning of individuals, a significant frequency of divorces, a large number of cases of neurosis and reactive psychosis caused by mental injury caused to the family and sexual disharmonies, the need for science-based medical advice in such a crisis situation - all this was the reason for increased attention to problems of the family and sexual life by medical science and society.
Recently attempted modeling family and sexual relationship, their prediction and correction. The developed concept, according to which the diversity of relations between spouses can be represented in the form of the interaction of 5 marriage factors: physical factor (FF), material (MOF), cultural (EC), sexual (SF) and psychological (PF).
By a certain formula calculates the so-called marriage potential. If is the predominant orientation of marriage factors on strengthening the family, the marriage potential expressed as a positive value, otherwise the value is negative. When marriage negative potential (and this is true of family and sexual disharmony, or Disgaea) broken family relationships and sexual relationships. In primary personal inconsistencies always upset sexual life and family breakdown is occurring faster than for primary sexual confusion. In the pathology of the person with mental illness of one or both spouses one of the important indicators of the severity and depth of disorders is the family level adaptation. It is revealed that for the harmonious development of family relationships need a sufficient level of personal development, maturity and emotional relationships.
Harmoniously formed family over time further strengthened, disharmonious established without medical help falling apart. The reason for the collapse may be natural, biologically deterministic discrepancy between male and female sexuality. Male sexuality is normal for about 30 years stabilized, and then at a later age reduces. The sexy women of childbearing age can continuously increase, and sometimes for the first time awakens to its end. The emotionally unstable personalities such a conflict situation can be pathogenic for mental condition.
In the special study of all these issues became apparent that marriage, joining it and the development of family relations is an extremely complex process. You must guide this process is episodic and, in the case of digami - systematic as competent specialists (therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists), and by the partners as to increase their awareness and understanding of their family problems.
The most effective path to prevention of family conflicts - thorough preparation for marriage. This includes taking care of the health of pregnant struggle with abnormal births, providing healthy mental and physical development and education of children, special training of the persons concluding marriage, diagnostic and medical work in cases of family and sexual digami. Under the influence of physical traumas, intoxications (including drugs, alcohol), somatic and infectious diseases, pregnancy may be disrupted tab bodies and development of the fetus, which subsequently sometimes turns into sexual pathology and the inability of the person to carry out the reproductive function. Much to the health of an individual's future depends on how the flow childbirth. The consequences of the injuries are organic brain damage, infantilism, psihopatizatsija, endocrinopathies, not promoting high-grade cooperation in marriage.