The mental hygiene work

Work, activities are organic human need and under favorable conditions - an important factor for preserving and strengthening its General and mental health.
Some research shows that the denial of employment, involuntary inactivity by deterioration in the mental state of a person and increased frequency of somatic diseases. This issue was raised, in particular, in 1970, at the XVII International Congress of applied psychology in connection with the discussion of the problems of unemployment.
It is hardly possible not only to strengthen mental health, to develop the ability in healthy people, but also to treat the mentally ill. Occupational therapy is widely used in psychiatric practice in the Soviet Union and the socialist countries. As with any therapeutic effect, occupational therapy strictly dosed, depending on the severity of mental status changes, the degree of complexity of work processes.
Work brings joy only if it corresponds to the individual peculiarities of the personality. The absence of certain qualities and abilities impedes or makes impossible the execution of a particular work. So, people that have no ear for music, cannot become a singer or composer. For some types of work, sufficient physical strength or volitional qualities of personality, the speed of mental response, etc. to Ensure such compliance can thoroughly carried out professional selection, providing professional orientation of certain populations (usually students in secondary schools)and special medical and psychological examination.
Even under ideal accordance abilities chosen profession work can be a source of pathology, if it is excessive in intensity or duration. It happens in those cases when overestimated norms, allowed the abuse of overtime work if the production load unevenly distributed throughout the day, week, month, quarter, or year. When such a labour activity, the conditions for the fatigue, a neurotic.
It is known adverse effects of noise on the human condition. When this is set as the power of sound, and its frequency. It is revealed that the 20-minute exposure to noise with frequency of 4000 Hz violates for the whole day the ability to concentrate attention in mental work. From working in noisy industries have a higher risk of falling hearing, disease, hypertensive disease, the occurrence of endocrine disorders, digestive disorders, neuroses.
Adversely affects the employment processes and the condition of the body the lack of time. In the experiment, subjects were asked to solve a math problem in terms patently insufficient for this. The natural reaction was a significant increase in blood pressure for a long time. In the absence of a situation of lack of time at the decision of the more difficult tasks in subjects were registered only minor and transient increase in blood pressure.
Factor in improving the efficiency and preventing fatigue, is a positive emotional attitude to carried out work, the feeling of satisfaction with the result. This is achieved as moral and material encouragement, care about the aesthetics of labour and the workplace, creating a favorable psychological climate in the team. Equally important is the ability of a person to a specific job. A number of studies which focus specifically on the issues of rehabilitation of socially maladjusted patients with schizophrenia with emotional defect, it was shown that encourage them to work and the inclusion in collective possible only in case, if the work causes their interest, and in a team with some of its members are established relationships empathy.
Emotional exhaustion, accompanied by the inevitable fall of health, decrease of the interest to the activity performed, sleepiness and disorders of attention, leads to the possibility of security breaches and to increase the risk of accidents on manufacture. The usual reason for this is sensory deprivation with the monotony of work (Assembly-line production, driving transport, the presence of little interest lessons, lectures, conferences and others). To overcome monotony of work contribute to the change of activity, organization of short breaks for production of gymnastics, the introduction of functional music (music suddenly changing power of sound, melody, rhythm). Increases efficiency properly equipped working place. It is stated that in the short run red improves productivity and blue reduces; for long work best is green. Control color (yellow and black) are particularly suited for marking dangerous areas in the enterprise. It stimulates attention, improves mental activity. The same occurs when the perception of vertically stacked objects or incomplete registration of premises; perception horizontal forms and completeness, regularity interior calms the skin, may induce passivity. Increases the interest and prevents fatigue deep penetration into the content of work, moral and political education of working with the development of relations of mutual help, mutual aid, as well as the interest in the quality of the product, including its aesthetic appearance.
An important condition for the beneficial effects of labour per person is collectivism. Through the collective attitude of the person is attached to the social problems of society and the state. In bourgeois society is widely believed that collectivism if eliminates the person does not develop her abilities, suppresses independence.