The concept of psychological prevention, its types

Psychoprophylaxis - the branch of psychiatry, involved in the development of measures on prevention of mental diseases and their consequences.
As part of General prevention - activities aimed at the prevention of diseases, mental prevention targeted at specific mental disorders. The solution of many aldeproductions tasks is also a contribution to the psychological prevention. So, complete the early detection and aggressive treatment of the early stages of syphilis has led our country to the disappearance of such mental diseases, as progressive paralysis and syphilis of the brain; to the elimination of many infectious diseases was not related infectious psychosis. Complementing aldeproductions activities, psycho work is so difficult for the body, for example in terms of already developed General somatic or infectious disease, to prevent mental disorders or their consequences. It is obvious that the development of problems of mental health, always provides and psychological prevention.
Psychoprophylaxis - section of General prevention, including a system of measures providing mental health and prevention of mental illness. To implement these activities psychoprophylaxis uses a number of methods: medical examination of the mental state of various population groups - students, military personnel, and so on; data analysis statistical study of the incidence of mental diseases and conditions of their occurrence; early diagnosis of mental illness; health education: organization of special kinds of medical aid is primarily psychoneurological dispensaries (see Dispensary), day and night hospitals, and sanatoriums and rest homes. Psychoprophylaxis closely connected with the mental hygiene is the science of mental health, which is both a means of preventing mental illness. For psychological prevention are important favorable conditions for the comprehensive development of abilities, as well as possible full satisfaction of spiritual and material needs of the individual. Prevention of mental diseases along with the General social conditions is important that the correct upbringing, and the presence of normal family and labour relations.
In accordance with the installation of the world health organization allocate the primary, secondary and tertiary psychological prevention. At primary psychoprophylaxis it comes to measures aimed at the prevention of mental disorders for mentally healthy population. Secondary psychoprophylaxis provides for the earliest possible detection already begun mental disease, its treatment, in order to break the pathological process to its initial stages, to prevent the development of acute forms of the disease, its worst manifestations of transition trends in chronic disease recurrence. Under tertiary psychoprophylaxis understand the special work with the patients, preventing disability in the case of mental illness.
Primary mental prevention provides the highest quality of activity and is carried out with the participation of not only health workers, and other professionals, state and public organizations. Secondary and tertiary mental prevention is carried out in the presence of damage already caused by the disease, so its the end result is less complete than the first. Content psychoprophylaxis in such cases is diagnostic, medical, consultative, pedagogical and other activity of specialists such as psychiatrists, psychologists, defectologists, sociologists. Effectiveness depends on the nature of the disease, its symptoms, old, sharpness, and speed of development, the depth of the remaining defect, compensatory abilities of the body, the characteristics of the patient management, treatment and many of the conditions associated with the disease and its treatment.
In everyday practice, it is difficult to discern where it comes to the treatment of painful conditions in the present, and about the prevention of its debilitating effects. The quality of treatment in the acute period usually determines the frequency and nature of future complications for the human body and its social adaptation.