pterygium (pterygium)

Pterygium (pterygium) - dystrophic disease of the conjunctiva of the eyeball, characterized by the formation of folds of the conjunctiva sclera, gradually Noah with it. Occurs more often in people whose eyes are exposed to sand, dust, chemical irritants. Pterygium is developing in the field of eye slits (usually from the nasal side) in the form of a triangle whose base lies on the sclera (Fig). If pterygium will reach the center of the cornea may be reduced vision. Treatment and surgery (removal of pterygium). The operation must be made before pterygium will reach the center of the cornea, as after its removal may be clouding of the cornea and reduced vision. Even after a successful operation possible relapses.

Pterygium-syndrom (synonym: pterygium syndrome, Bonnevie - Ullrich syndrome, Turner syndrome, Shereshevsky syndrome) is a combination of a number of malformations among which are chrysopogon changes in the skin over the joint. Especially typical lateral folds of the skin of the neck (pterygium colli). Along with that there may be defects of the limbs (congenital dislocations, loosening individual joints, syndactyly, flexion contractures of fingers), a disorder of the brain and nerves (strabismus, ptosis, facial paresis), the underdevelopment of the ears and others Described a combination of various deformities with wing-shaped neck: congenital dystrophy Nielsen (dystrophia brevicolli congenita Nielsen, 1934), congenital short pterygoid neck syndrome of Klippel - Fala (see Torticollis), the status of Ullrich (status bilateralis Ullrich), Turner syndrome, or infantilismus pterygonuchalis (combined with agenesia of the ovaries or testes)syndrome Shereshevsky (deficiency pituitary function, and sex glands), pterygo-arthromyo-dysplasia congenita Rossi (arthrogryposis). Pterygium is a rare pathology. Described about 300 cases pterygoid neck in combination with other deformities.
Many hypotheses about the origin of pterygium. Currently, it belongs to the chromosomal diseases (see Hereditary diseases) third type of chromosomal complex H with 45 chromosomes.
Described mosaic options. Early diagnosis is possible by the absence girls sex chromatin (see Floor). Of the clinical forms of pterygium most often (40% above observations) meets ugliness neck skin without expressed endocrine disorders (actually pterygoid neck). This malformation seen in the form of stretched skin wrinkles on the lateral surfaces of the neck from the mastoid process until the middle of the shoulder girdle. The man's face in connection with the tension of the skin acquires a placid expression, reminding of the Sphinx, the ear strain, head drawn between the shoulder girdle (see figure).
Treatment pterygoid neck online. Most authors applies the method of counter triangular flaps (Y. F. Isakov and others)through the main section on the ridge of the creases in its entire length and widely otshepkova the skin of the anterior and posterior, and Lateral incisions anterior and posterior to the main cut at angle of 60 degrees.
Forecast in the absence of additional defects favorable.