Every heartbeat, every release of blood to the aorta causing elastic oscillation of the walls of arteries. This oscillation and we called the pulse. It can also be noticed in any artery, close appropriate to the skin surface: and on the temple, and on the rear foot, and even on the back of the nose. Most often grope him on the radial artery, near the wrist.
Evaluation of characteristics of the pulse is an ancient healing method, which saves a great value in our days. According to this simplest studies can provide valuable information about the work of the heart, vascular system, about the state of the organism as a whole, for the heart and vessels are a sensitive indicator of the General situation in the body. First of all, on pulse we are the easiest way to determine the frequency of cardiac contractions, and she tells a lot. For the doctor frequent pulse - evidence of illness: either broken heart, or simply a person raised temperature (when the heart quickens). For physiology of labour and sport heart rate during muscle work - beautiful measures the degree of load. In the late 50-ies by the author of this book group of enthusiasts (HP Dabrowski, G. L. Pockets, R. Century Uniyn, A. I. Vorob'ev, and several other comrades) has developed and has become a widely used radiotelemetry, measuring the pulse frequency on the radio in freely moving person. A breast of the athlete or working glued special electrodes, the cap is power to the transmitter. Athlete plays soccer, work knocks forest, a researcher holding a portable radio, counts the frequency of cardiac contractions. In this case, the signal source is electrocardiogram.
However, probing pulse is important for the doctor not only as a way to assess the rhythm of the heart. By the nature of the heart rate can be defined as a first approximation, raised whether a person's blood pressure, whether expressed in this case the arterial sclerosis and other times, when other objective methods of evaluation and physiological measurements doctors were not, were written entire treatises on the pulse of the symptoms of various illnesses and peculiarities of the functional state of the organism.