Endometriosis navel

Endometriosis navel is less common than endometriosis post-operative scars, and, according to J. Latcher (1953), and summarized the observation of various authors, the frequency varies from 0.42% to 4% in relation to all localizations.
We saw 7 patients with endometriosis navel. The occurrence of endometriosis navel explained by entering pieces of the endometrium of the uterus, ovaries, or other lesions in lymph system. By the way, similarly apply metastatic tumors of the uterus and ovaries in the navel. In terms of differential diagnosis of such a possibility must be considered. In addition, endometriosis navel have to differentiate with umbilical hernia, including disadvantaged, when the issue is solved in the period paroxysmal pain during menstruation. Complaints, clinical picture of the disease and objective data of the survey fully match with endometriosis postoperative scars. Treatment of active forms - surgical. There is always opened the abdominal cavity. The size of the wound must ensure the audit of the pelvis and abdomen to identify foci of endometriosis in the small pelvis and abdominal cavity.