The path that we choose

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Published brochures for young people about career choice, but many of them are too Grand draw medical weekdays. Spectacular crawls ... the Doctor is holding the syringe with the life-giving liquid ... a shot - and the patient alive.
Or become quite trivial "submission" surgeons on the screen, in performances and some articles:
"... Powerful chin. Stubbornly frowned. Abrupt speech.
- Tampon!
- Sewing!
Abruptly pulls gloves, carelessly tosses them aside. Throws on the go:
- Will live!
Turns to the window. Lights up a cigarette. Does the nervous tension. Is not lit. Scrumples up a cigarette. Takes a new ..."
Sometimes, of course, but medical everyday more and more prosaic. And it begin to understand even medical students. The survey, conducted in Orenburg medical Institute, in the first year surgeons wanted to be 63 percent of the students in the last 18 percent, at the medical faculty in Sofia respectively - 25,4 and 12.8 percent. These figures speak for themselves.
Academician B. C. Peter, addressing the journalists, writing about the doctors, not accidentally called upon to say any more about daily life, but not be limited to an enthusiastic description of heroic deeds.
Medical weekdays...
Did you know for example that the doctor does not rest, and when he took off the robe? Not because any time - day and night, the storm and the rain - it may be caused to the patient, but because the doctor's work is not only thirty minutes at the bedside.
This is an endless work at home on the book, this concern for diagnosis and treatment, it is a struggle with possible doubt. The doctor has to remember that he is the doctor, in any situation. Sailor out of the sea is not a sailor, Builder outside the building - not a Builder. The doctor is always a doctor.
You may want in the foyer of the Philharmonia to share opinion with a met art critic heard about the concert - do not be angry if the conversation will be reduced to treat gallstones. You want after a tiring day, evening stroll along the street, feel the fragrance of spring - don't be surprised if five encountered four friends talk about diseases.
But there are others. Medicine is still largely incomplete. For this imperfection to ask will be with you and not with science. The answer is they are going to keep you. And it is not easy. Not quite cultured people will unfair to blame, and you will have to keep calm in the evening to take against insomnia sleeping pill, and in the morning into the house with a smile. This smile is expensive.
There is an opinion that over the years by a doctor, are immune to the suffering of man. This is not the case. Probably, we, the doctors, too, are the words of Romain Rolland that cannot be defeated once and for all is to win it every day.
When describing the death of Emma Bovary at Flaubert developed a taste of arsenic in the mouth and signs of poisoning. L. N. Tolstoy came as something of his office in tears. To the question about what had happened, he replied, waving his hand, "Just died Prince Bolkonsky". When he died father Goriot, Balzac caught pale, with uneven and weak pulse.