The path that we choose

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Not to understand the experiences of these writers cannot. But still we are talking about the death of an imaginary. When the doctor patient dies, the doctor sees it real. Soul of this doctor goes along with each death. It leaves a trace in his nerves, heart, peace, health. And can you imagine what that feels the doctor, when he should inform his relatives about their father or child died? Or do you think that the profession may silence human feelings?
The history of medicine, there are examples of outstanding doctors refused their practice, unable to endure its hardships. Even such large surgeon, as So Billroth, not coped with them. For some time refused medical practice and an outstanding physician S. P. Botkin.
You may say that what I write, may be discouraged from medicine. Well, you better not cross that threshold than becoming a doctor, ever dream of working in the port.
You know, probably, the answer Leo Tolstoy on the question of Leonid Andreev, how to learn to write: if you thought of writing a book, but feel that you can't write, it is better not to write. Medicine is not literature. But if the person, knowing the difficulties medical life feels he can not cope with them, better leave before it's too late. It is impossible, as it was in one of the medical Institute, handing the doctor diploma, taking with him swear that he would never engage... curative activities! I have been a bad impression one digit, see B. Ya Pervomayskaya; the survey of the students of the fifth course of a medical school found that about 20 percent of them show little inclination to their future profession, or not interested at all in medicine.
Among medical students in Lithuanian SSR stopped studying 20 percent of medical students, 12.6 percent of the pediatric and 16 percent of the students of the dental faculties. The main reason was dissatisfaction with the chosen profession. These people, I think, cause greater respect than those for which the medicine in the future is, as someone put it, a sixth toe. This solution not only has civil courage, and honesty, responsibility to society.
If, clearly presenting all this, you still decide to enroll in medical school, you will have a better chance that you will amount craftsman. And then before applying to the Institute work not just on production, and a nurse or nurse. Take the vessel, listen to the moans, feel the value of life. And only then make a decision. I shall remind, that almost half of the applicants who sought in the medical Ukraine, poziuriu in hospitals, changed its decision. As a woman, do not forget that you have to be not only the doctor but also a wife and mother, what is much more difficult than to be a husband, father and a doctor. Harder. Despite all granted rights to women.
After all this it is possible to anticipate a question: does it ever happen that a person came to medicine accidentally or not understanding all its difficulties and became a good doctor?
It is known that a call (we are talking not only about medical practice) may emerge, at first glance, unexpectedly. Chemist Louis Pasteur gave to mankind the vaccine against rabies, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen rays "X" marked the beginning of a new era in medicine. Physician Luigi Galvani discovered the electric current, ophthalmologist L. Zamenhof became famous as the Creator of the international language Esperanto, as the doctor Nicholas Copernicus went down in history as an outstanding astronomer.
And yet all these and similar fate hardly testify to accidents: just calling was stronger profession. The more likely that a call can be manifested without being the man assumed it student. However, hardly such exceptions can be raised to a pattern. Mistakes in the selection of the medical profession, able to produce not only bad, but even the average doctor, we should strive to minimize.