The path that we choose

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It is easier to become a doctor, than to be a doctor.
In any profession, you will not face a life in its fullness such, the tension, drama, like being a doctor.
In oncological clinic I had a chance to advise the man of 30 years, which has turned out to be a malignant tumor in stages, when cure him was impossible.
We talked with him for more than an hour. The patient is asked to do something so that he could yet take a walk with his five-year-old daughter on the street.
Imagine that you could feel at these words, feeling his own weakness!
I was walking down the street and thought, that's where the real misery that mean compared with him fleeting injections life!? I write about it because, seeing often death, you will learn to appreciate and love life. And this too should be able to. And not only to learn, but to teach it to others.
The duration of life, of course, not always depends on the number of years lived. They say that the beauty of it is that after her remains. But the life is something else: it is the smile of a child and the aroma of wild flowers, the singing of Snyahir and sunset, the intoxication of love and accord Chopin. And for all this first of all you need health.
Health is the first and necessary condition for well-being and all our activities. Someone noticed that health is not everything, but without health everything becomes nothing.
Bad when you mess up a drawing or sluggish played Sheet. Scary if you would be ill-treated. You trust in life. And often one life stand prosperity, joy and right to happiness children, wife, husband, parents.
In his great book E. A. Wagner and A. A. Sosnovskogo "On self-education of a physician" the author tells about this episode. On the night of January 1, 1922 brought to the hospital seriously wounded the guard, who the thugs with the axe broke the skull. An emergency operation beyond expectation saved his life.
After two or three weeks, returning home at night, and the doctor found himself in the kitchen wife patient and eight children-small small less. Ahead of himself was a recent patient.
Suddenly she heard his commanding voice: "On colsa! - all children knelt down...
"I was shocked, compressed with excitement by the throat. Here it is, an unusual award that sometimes fate sends the doctor for his hard work", - concludes the old doctor.
Do I need some other sort of stimulus, but consciousness that you have returned to the children of the father and mother of the child? Is it possible to compare something that feels doctor that returned man's eye? This negates and unfair at times judgment of him, and sleepless night, and excitement. Because of this, it is necessary to live, is to become a doctor. Joy returned to people's health, joy returned to life - a great happiness!"
... Daughter of my friends at the medical faculty didn't succeed. She went to work in a hospital as a nurse...