The path that we choose

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 Tomorrow, like today, ...the doctor will remain 
 his ordained a priest, and with him and his 
 terrible, increasing responsibility... 
 And the life of a doctor will remain the same, 
 as today is difficult, disturbing, 
 heroic and sublime. 
 Maurois A.

In conclusion, allow me to return to the things with which the book begins, to what seems to me to be essential in all cases it matters.
... Once I received a letter from N. - daughter of my friends. After graduating from high school, she decided to enter the medical faculty. "I understand that this step responsible. But how can you be sure it's correct? Do not be mistaken if I? Will it from me, doctor?" - here are the questions posed in the letter.
The choice of profession, the search of their life very difficult. Obviously, such questions arise and to those who wants to become a lawyer, architect, an agronomist. However, before whom they did not get up? It is important not to make a mistake. I close everything connected with my profession. Perhaps the answer to the letter N. will help to understand the joys and difficulties of a medical way. Here is the answer.
"... Nobody sovetuy to be a doctor! And if someone wants it, otgovori it ugovarival it persistently and again!" - these words belong to Sonderegger - one of the best Swiss doctors of the past, passionately fond of his profession.
Isn't that a contradiction? In my opinion, no, and here's why.
Almost everyone is "doctor who you can trust", and others, which "... it is better not to speak." When doctors criticized, and medicine are unhappy, then remember those who "know nothing, and I was almost brought to the grave...". When some parents insist on receipt of a daughter or son "medical", before the eyes of a doctor who knows, dear and good. Moreover, as some think, and sometimes aloud and said, "doctor, under all circumstances, a doctor, and this industry will not disappear ...".
But whether each doctor will benefit people? It will not be any regrets about your choice?
... The nurse So put the patient banks. Forgetting about it, she took them off in an hour. On the back of the patient remained bubbles. Other patient she had been injected. When the patient complained that the needle is dumb, So angrily replied: "endure All things and you will bear". What could I do with a nurse? The staff insisted on her dismissal, as unfit for the job.
I told her: change the specialty, get off of medicine. She left... and applied for medical. Still don't understand why.
Another case. In the family physician K. son goes to medical school. Three years after the end he concludes that difficult to treat patients that "history pats nerves that in port it is easier to work and earn higher there. He gladly would moans, complaints, tears, and a diploma... not let me. So he will be out of service until retirement, angry at his choice and internally indifferent to the patient. Where is the error? In choosing a profession. And blame himself and the father.
The question arises, whether it was at the age of 17 to foresee the disappointment that comes in 26? Where signs date to medical practice?
Some criteria may be in the art; it is possible, probably, and in such branches of science as mathematics or physics; and finally, the obvious "tests" for future writers or poets.
But medicine is both science and art. It requires that the person had a good heart, clear mind, great culture and nerves of steel.
Remember, in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" was the article " Who is in the teachers?" The author wrote that the teacher should be born. Don't know if "born doctor", but it seems to me that he who gathers his life to devote medicine, first of all should clearly imagine all the requirements for the doctor, all the difficulties of his work.