Pyatigorsk is one of the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Situated in a picturesque area on the slopes of the mountain Mashuk, on the height of 550 meters above sea level. The climate of the resort Gornostay. Summer days are hot but the nights are cool. Winter is moderately mild. The snow is unstable. The best time of year is autumn, when it is dry and Sunny weather.
The resort has a wide therapeutic profile. More than half of the patients come in Pyatigorsk with functional and organic diseases of digestion organs and disorders of metabolism.
Pyatigorsk, the resort occupies the first place in the USSR by the diversity of mineral springs, the number of which there are over 30 (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Academic drinking gallery. Pyatigorsk.

For internal use with the medical purpose in Pyatigorsk take of the water of several types:
a) Acidulous hydrocarbonate-chloride-sulphate-sodium-calcium reservationa (Krasnoarmeyskaya sources № 1-2). Water sources has a total mineralization within 5 g/l, temperature 20-26°, contains carbonic acid up to 2 g/l and iron 9-15 mg/L. the Water tastes good and has a great therapeutic value.
This group is the water source for them. I. P. Pavlova (warm Narzan), which is very popular and is used in various diseases of liver and gastrointestinal tract. Description of source:

b) Acidulous hydrocarbonate-chloride-sodium springs type of Yessentuki. Explored in the postwar years, but now successfully compete with the old sources of Pyatigorsk.
Characteristics of the source № 14:

The iron content of the water source up to 14 mg/L.
in) Hot acidulous chloride-hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium-calcium water. Explored in 1955, at the foot of Mashuk mountain. Borehole № 19 brought in a large flow rate (more than 500 000 l/day) acidulous water temperature of 60 degrees, when salinity of 6.8 g/l and content of carbonic acid 0.6 g/L. Hot acidulous water is widely used at the resort. Since 1963 organized this water bottling in bottles under the brand "Mashuk".
g) Sulphate-sodium-magnesium "bitter" water.