Pielografia is an x-ray of the pelvis and cups kidney after completing their radiopaque substance.
The image Cup-pelvis system can be obtained by the method of excretory urography (see). The introduction of a radiopaque substance directly into the renal pelvis using ureteric catheter is called retrograde pielografii.
When conducting retrograde pielografii need to remember that the capacity of the pelvis average 6 ml of the Hyperextension of the pelvis can cause renal colic (see Renal disease), and with piilottaminen the reflux (see), in the presence of the infection, pyelonephritis. For retrograde pielografii used 10-30% solution of sergazina. If ureter the catheter into the pelvis of the kidney introducing oxygen, the method is called newmedialogia. The air must not be entered as possible gas embolism. Pielografia possible by the introduction of a contrast agent through nevrasteniceskie, Peletminskii drainage - antegrade pielografia. Antegrade you can fill the buckets, puncture her needle through the veils of the lumbar region. Pielografia allows to reveal the structure of the pelvis and cups, anomalies of development of pathological changes in the kidney with hydronephrosis, stones pelvis and ureters, tuberculous process, neoplasms.