Pyelostomy - operation creation of the fistula renal pelvis for the outflow of urine. Indications: anuria due to compression of the ureter tumor originating from organs of small pelvis or obstruction of the ureter stones.
Used pyelostomy as a temporary stage in the treatment of patients. For a long drainage kidneys it is better to apply nephrostomy (see).
After dissection of the renal pelvis into it enter rubber drainage tube, which is fixed ketotofin seam to the edges of the pelvic wounds. Remove the drain tube only after restoring the passage of urine through the urethra into the bladder. You can verify this antegrade pielografia (see Pielografia) or by introducing into the drainage tube solution of Indigo Carmine. With good permeability of the urethra making urination is colored in blue.
You must ensure that the drain pipe does not fall out. At loss of tube, if the reverse its introduction could not produce a follow-up operation.