Feverfew lnerability

Feverfew lnerability, Dalmatian chamomile (Pyrethrum cinerariifolium Trev.) cultivated plant. Flower baskets contain toxic to insects esters - pyrethrins and cenerini. Powder floral baskets (pyrethrum) and drug placid (alcohol extraction) is used to control household insects, parasites of animals and insects - pests of agriculture. Also used feverfew meat-red (Pyrethrum carneum Bieb.) and pyrethrum bright red [Pyrethrum coccineum (Willd.) Worosch.], usually called Caucasian daisies.

feverfew lnerability
Fig. 52. Feverfew lnerability
feverfew meat - red

Fig. 65. Feverfew meat - red (top right - inflorescence).