Piropos (Pyrophos; list a) - antiholinesteraznah means. On character of action close to postagola (see). Used to lower intraocular pressure in glaucoma. In the application of piropos possible headache, pain in the eye. Release form: bottles to 10 ml of 0.01% solution in oil. Cm. also Anticholinesterase agents.

Piropos (Pyrophosum; synonym: forbin, the drug A2; list a) - antiholinesteraznah means; tetraethyl ester montypython acid. Is used in ophthalmic practice in glaucoma, to achieve long mitotic effect (at loss of the lens, the perforation of the cornea) as the antagonist of atropine (see). Mitotic effect stronger and longer than pilocarpine (see), prozerina (see), fizostigmina (see). Apply 2 drops of 0.01-0.02% solution in water-free vaseline oil 1-4 times a day. With long-term use may cause dermatitis and swelling of the eyelids. Contraindications conjunctivitis, keratitis, eczema skin of the eyelids, iridotsiklitah. Release form: bottles of 10 ml Stored in a place protected from light. Cm. also Anticholinesterase agents.