The rhabdomyoma

The rhabdomyoma (from the Greek. rhabdos - band and mys, myos - muscle) - a benign tumor growing from the striated muscles.
There are actually rhabdomyomas are as independent of the tumor and rhabdomyomas are included in smetanoobraznyj tumors of various organs - testicular, ovarian, prostate, kidney, and rhabdomyomas heart (Recklinghausen, 1862), considered by some authors as malformation - hamartoma (see the Heart).
Special group of muscle tumors, first described in 1926 A. I. Apricot and called myoblastoma. These tumors are known practical importance, although occur very rarely (in English, sometimes in skeletal muscle, skin, testis, jaws and other organs). They are benign tumors do not give relapses and metastases. A. I. Apricots distinguished several types of these tumors. Most frequent typical fibroids from cultured myoblasts - round cells with gently-grained cytoplasm, with no signs of acercandose; several less - ripening with the formation of fibrous structures in cells, hypertrophic with the presence ugly giant cells, sometimes the outlined striated. The true nature of these tumors is not yet established.
Almost a third of all observations to meet mioplasmia language, developing for 30-40 years. It is usually on the back of the tongue near the base in the form of small (1-2 cm in diameter) are rounded-oval, well-limited, painless nodule, slightly lifting unchanged mucous membrane. Sometimes the epithelial layer over the tumor thickens, is pitting and could lead to malignancy.
Tumor detection difficult. To differentiate it from granuloma, gum, epithelioma language. The diagnosis is finally set only after histological examination of the removed tumor. To cure is quite simple excision with a small capture the surrounding tissues.