Rhabdomyosarcoma (from the Greek. rhabdos - band; mys, myos - muscle; sarkoma fleshy up, swelling), abdomioplasty - malignant tumours arising from the striated muscle fibres.
Rhabdomyosarcoma is found equally rare in men and women, mainly in Mature and old age. In most cases, it is located in muscles of the hip or shoulder girdle area, at least in the trunk and distal extremities.
Macroscopically is a node of a significant size, on the cut grey-pink colour with a yellowish areas of necrosis or dark red areas of hemorrhage, the soft, thick consistency, deprived of capsules.
Microscopically rhabdomyosarcoma have views of polymorphic or krupnopanelnoye of blastoma and consist of elements of three types: long, the process of irregular shape of cells, giant cells with large, often multiple cores and longitudinally oriented ribbon-like elements forming sinzitialnaya patterns. With the help of special colors in these elements is sometimes possible to detect modified smooth and cross streaked fibrils proving muscle origin of these tumors.
Rhabdomyosarcoma grow infiltrative, relatively quickly, forming visible, testovaty, painless swelling, without clear boundaries. In half of the cases there pitting covering their skin with the appearance on the surface mushroom bleeding masses. Rhabdomyosarcoma have a pronounced tendency to metastasize, usually in the lungs. The prognosis is poor.
After non-radical excision relapses occur, often repeated.
Treatment - wide excision of the tumor along with its bed of surrounding tissues throughout the affected muscles. Sometimes there is a need for amputation. Long recovery rare.