The health of the elderly and senile age

Life is not in how to lead a more or less "vegetable" existence. Human life is a continuous work, it is a continuous creation, building of new values, enjoying life, enjoying not primitive, rude, selfish, only to himself and to the detriment of others, and the delight deep, happy for myself and for others. And such pleasure a man can receive only under condition of preservation of their disability.
Preservation of working capacity means the preservation of their life, their life. People in society is valuable not only as a consumer, but primarily as a manufacturer. This is not just a position of Marxist political economy, but the deepest and the most correct definition of the position of the individual in society and in life. People that have no producing, living only for themselves, at the expense of society, useless, and above all to yourself.
Man, full of life and know how to use it,is a person surviving. Every manifestation of life is movement. Every living creature like a man, lives, creative lives only when retains its ability to work. With this ability to work in humans is connected and the ability joyfully to perceive the world.
The problem of health "old men" has not only the emotional side. We cited the statistical data about the huge increase in the number of elderly and senile age during the last 30-40 years in all developed countries, including the us. And quite naturally the question arises: will old people are a burden for society, which will be obliged to maintain them at their own expense, or they will be full active members of this society? But this can be only under one condition - while maintaining the ability to work.
Try to find out whether the person and to what extent the ability to activities in elderly and senile age.
Preservation of working capacity is primarily due to the physical condition of the person, and it should include, as a principal, his state of the Central nervous system.
Human kind mammals is characterized first of all by the fact that the role of the brain, Central nervous system, is dominant. The brain is developing one of the first bodies and dies last - as the captain of the ship which is the last to leave the ship at the time of his death. Therefore, maintaining the ability to work closely related to the preservation of vital activity of the human brain.
In the Chapter on biological factors of aging we will discuss this question with biological and anatomical and physiological side. Here we only consider the symptoms of activity of the human brain, and such is his ability to work.
Ability to work can be both physical and mental. But practically the separation between them is very relative. In our time of great development of technology, more and more erased the distinction between physical and mental labour. Scientist, physicist, teacher, artist, writer, any person engaged in the profession as a "profession of mental labour, needed and physical labor. The surgeon or physician - theorist medicine engaged in physical labor, examining the patient, through its treatment, producing operation. Work, monitoring complex machines should do mental work, without which it cannot understand the work of this machine or to monitor its implementation, nor to repair to her. Everywhere, every step, every person we see a combination of intellectual work with physical. The very life, the very course of human development blurs the distinction between them. And when in the Program of the CPSU says about organic connection of mental and physical labor in productive activities, it only emphasizes the natural course of development of productive forces of modern society, which finds its ultimate expression in the construction of Communist society.

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