Racism is reactionary bourgeois ideology, originating from the unscientific claims about alleged inequality of races, due to their biological and physical characteristics, to justify class and national inequalities and prove an historical necessity domination "higher", full of races over the "lower", defective.
Statements about the inequality of the human races appeared with the emergence of class society. The founder of "theory" about the inequality of the human races is considered reactionary French sociologist Joseph de Gobineau (1816-1882). In the book the Experience of inequality of the human races" by juggling of the facts he falsely portrayed world history as the struggle of "superior" and "inferior" races, and the inequality of the races was declared a biological phenomenon, stating that due to the biological characteristics "inferior" races must obey the "higher". On the first place among the human races Gobineau advanced Aryan (German) race, declaring her "higher", designed to control the world, and the Slavic peoples "inferior" race.
Any scientific evidence for racist theory was not. Long-term studies of the Russian scientist N. N. Miklukho-Maklay allowed him to prove generic unity and mutual relationship of human races; in particular, they have been very existence as dolichocephaly and brachycephaly among the Melanesians and thus proved that within one race (see) can be a group differences in the head pointer. These and similar research N. N. Miklukho-Maklay proved antinauseant attempts racists to justify their "theory" anthropological indicators. Marxism emphasizes the crucial role of social factors in changing human nature. K. Marx and F. Engels in "German ideology", wrote: "Even naturally occurring generic differences, such as race, and so on, can be and should be resolved by the historical development".
Using racial theory ruling classes not only justify its imperialist foreign policy capture colonies, the exploitation of the colonial peoples, but also justify the exploitation of migrant workers in their country. Class struggle supporters racial theory tried to explain how the struggle of the races.
Racism and racial discrimination are widespread in the USA; in South Africa, racism is the official state doctrine, and there is a "dual" the law is one for people of European origin, the other for the indigenous African population.
"The imperialist reaction,- is spoken in the Program of the Communist party, is widely uses chauvinism and racism to foment nationalist and racial conflicts, persecution of whole Nations and races (anti-Semitism, racial discrimination of blacks, peoples underdeveloped countries), to darken the class consciousness of the workers, the distraction of the proletariat and its allies from the class struggle."
Laws on forced sterilization, based on racial theory, became an instrument of imperialist policy.
The failure of fascism in Germany has demonstrated the failure of its ideological foundations - racial theory. On combating racism climbed all progressive mankind. Increasingly attempts to promote racial theory encounter resistance given by leading scholars and progressive organizations.