Radiosurgery is radiation therapy during operations interstitial method. The radiosurgery used in the treatment of malignant tumors of different localization. In operable cases, the tumor is removed surgically, and then rudonosnye needles with prodimotiki in their ear threads or posts from Au198 (gold), Ir192 (iridium), founded in nylon tubes, injected into the tissue that make up the tumor bed, and also on ways of lymphatic drainage.
In inoperable cases surgically provide access to the tumor, after which it enter the same drugs on the rules of interstitial method. Then the wound is sutured, and inactive ends of nylon yarn or thread from rudonosnykh needles out through the gaps between the joints on the surface of the skin and fix a sticky patch.
Upon receipt of the necessary dose (5-7 days) drugs extract, pulling them for the thread. If indicated instead of the radioactive drugs can be used close-focus x-ray treatments after removal of the tumor before suturing. Cm. also Radiation therapy, Radioactive drugs.