Radium (Ra) is a radioactive element of group II of the periodic system D. I. Mendeleev, number 88.
The most important isotope Ra226 with a half-life 1620 years, one of the decay products of uranium. Ra226 in scattered condition is present in all objects of the dead and of the living nature. It is mined from uranium-radium ores.
Solutions Ra226 used as the sources of radon in the preparation of radon baths. Before radium widely used for irradiation of tumors (Curie-therapy). Hit Ra226 in the human body represents a significant danger. In these cases it is necessary to take special measures for the speedy elimination. Maximum allowable content of Ra22e in the entire human body 0.1 mccoury.

Radium (Radium (Ra) - nuclear chemistry, elements of Mendeleyev periodic table. Ever since. room 88, at. weight 226. The name given by the principal, the most long-lived isotope - 88Ra226. 88Ra226 - one of the decay products 95U238 (see Uranium). It is formed in the decay of 90Th230 (ini), its subsidiaries product - 86Rn222 (see radon). Known 12 isotopes 88Ra226, including 9 artificial and 3 natural: 88Ra228 (Mesohori I), 88Ra224 (thorium X) and 88Ra223 (anemone X). The half-life of 88Ra226 - 1620 years. It emits alpha particles with energy 4,78 MeV (94%) and 4.59 MeV (6%), and ' -quanta (6% of the total number of decays).
Chemical properties 88Ra223 is alkaline earth metal, the closest analogue of barium (see). It is mined from orangeday ore through a series of chemical operations and prepare usually in the form of salts, soluble in water (chloride, bromide) or practically insoluble (sulphates and other).
Measure the amount of 88Ra226 in weight units or units Curie, and 1 g 88Ra226 practically corresponds to 1 Curie.
In addition orangeday ores, 88Ra226 contained in the scattered state all rocks (10-13-10-12 yoy), in soils, mineral waters (10-12-10-9 g/l), in plants and animals, and in humans (take that to the "standard" is 1·10-10 g 88Ra226).
88Ra226 used mainly for the treatment of patients with malignant tumors (see Criteria). It is used in the form of sealed drugs (usually cylindrical tube) detention from 1 to 100 mg 88Ra226. Dot drug containing 1 g 88Ra226 in equilibrium with its daughter products, the presence of a plane filter thickness of 0.5 mm, the distance 1 m dose ' -radiation 0,84 p/hour.
As solutions of chlorine or bromide salt 88Ra226 use as a source of 86Rn222 for healing is complete. Use it also for the production of different standards, svetoslavov permanent actions, to scan some technical products and other
Significant danger hit 88Ra226 inside of the human body, because some part of it is retained in the body, mainly in the bones, and can lead to chronic radiation sickness (see), tissue necrosis, malignant tumors and other lesions. Consider that on average the ingestion and inhalation 88Ra226 in a critical organ (see) (in this case, the dice) deposits 3-4% fall in the body 88Ra226. The allocation from the body 88Ra226deposited in the bones, comes with an effective period of 1.6·104 days. The rest 88Ra226, trapped in the body, stands out from him with a half-life 900 days. To speed up the withdrawal 88Ra226 from the body use its ability to form complex compounds with certain chemicals. To avoid falling into the body of unwanted quantities 88Ra226 established maximum permissible concentration in drinking water (5·10-11 Curie/l) and in the air we breathe (3·10-14 Curie/l for working rooms and 3·10-16 Curie/l for settlements). The maximum allowable number 88Ra226 in humans is considered 1·10-7 ,