"Rejoice that you are sick!"

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Patriarch Macarius of Antioch, gave the Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich among other shrines "hair of the blessed virgin". But the same relic could boast of believers in Rome, Venice, Bologna, Padua, Bruges, Assisi and other cities. "Saints" hair was pretty much besides a different color, but people simply waited for them to heal and care, offering up a prayer to the Holy virgin, set fire a candle in her honor and dropping a coin into the Cup of donations.
Than "more important" was a relic of the temple, the richer he becomes. Sixteenth flask with milk of the mother of God, as if shed it during flight to Egypt with the infant Christ, went to the Abbey Evron in one of the Crusades and enriched the monastery, bringing him more than forty thousand livres annual income.
The milk of the virgin, a part of the bottom of her shirt, three buttons from some of the robe for big money and got to the Moscow churches. And the belt of virgin Mary, chosen, according to the Church legend, the Apostle Thomas, was in Constantinople. There belt was placed in the temple and told about it the following legend. In the IX century sick wife of the Emperor Leo the Wise saw in a dream that she'll get well, if it will put the belt of the mother of God. Of course, the will of the Empress, was fulfilled. She was healed, and the belt again took his seat in the temple. On this occasion in the number of Church holidays have introduced special, which was called "the Position of the venerable belt of the MostHoly mother of God".
At all with this piece toilet our lady is associated with many mysterious and unclear incident. Some Church authorities claim that a large part of the belt was on mount Athos, and part of it was at the end of X century in Georgia, and another part - in the German monastery.
Another Church authority paints a different picture: in 1205 zone Mary was transferred from Constantinople to France in Soissons, where he produced many miracles, helping during a difficult delivery and happily slipping away from the hands of thieves (although thieves had his heavenly patron, St. Christopher, and wore his picture on the keys, or on the neck).
Not only the bones of the skeleton of the prophets and of saints, not only their clothing, hair, those items to which they touched, to even their breath and spitting, even divine sneeze, it is unclear how Packed in a bottle, was fighting Arsenal Church medicine. Every Saint, Martyr, pleasing to the Church people, especially specialized on some favorite disease or a form of the disease that he, according to the Gospels, suffered himself.
Martyr Artemius ought to pray for "Grigny" illnesses because the Church legend tells of how he was stavljen huge stone and from this monstrous force and made his insides.
In the Gospels called a soldier Longinus the centurion, who, during the execution of Christ with a spear pierced his side. This Longin then adopted Christianity, the enemies punished him for his new faith and beheaded. Church literature attributes longino healing from eye diseases. Why? Because the Church legend told about it is this: one blind woman from Cappadocia if a son died, and she decided to go to Jerusalem to venerate the Holy places. In the dream Longinus appeared to her, talked with the woman and indicated the place, where buried his head. At the entrance to Jerusalem she found earth, dug up his hands and immediately regained his sight.
The GreatMartyress Barbara prayed from the threat of sudden death, the PriestMartyr Antipas was saved from toothache (had to take a sick tooth coin, to penetrate it through and hang on its icon). Nikita the great Martyr was considered a defender from childhood diseases, although in his biography there is no hint of anything associated with children.
Ill, the believers hastened to the Church. They did as he had taught them the priest: was laid upon the altar, or they hung an icon of a certain Holy metal figurine of a man or mold of the patient's ear, eye, heart, hands, feet, and was attached to this silent reminder to God about their illness suitable occasion but prayer.
As Heine wrote in one of ballads:
        Hand wax sorry, -
Your heal the hand,
Leg wax sorry, -
Will become a healthy leg.