Regional hospital

Central district hospital is the leading medical institution of the region. It rests with the management of the whole network of health in the area. The chief doctor of this hospital is simultaneously the chief physician of the district. Subordinate to all medical institutions located on the territory of the district (excluding the departmental and regional submission).
The hospital must solve the following main tasks: - to provide qualified specialized inpatient and outpatient medical assistance to the population living in the district center and in the whole area;
- provide organizational and methodological guidance and control over the activities of all the health institutions of the region; to plan, Finance and organize procurement of health institutions of the region;
- constantly to develop and implement activities aimed at improving the quality of medical servicing of the population, reduction of morbidity, disability and hospital mortality, child mortality; to improve the qualification of doctors and nurses of the region.
The composition of the Central district hospital include: the hospital with the admission Department, polyclinic (with the Advisory techniques of medical specialists for residents of the area), medical-diagnostic departments, offices and laboratories, organizational methodological office; Department of emergency and urgent medical aid, autopsy Department (morgue) and economic services.
In the organizational-methodical Cabinet of the Central district hospital constantly analyzes the qualitative indicators of activity of health care institutions of the district.
Rayon sanitary and epidemiological station and the Central district hospital design and operate on the territory of the district a complex of anti-epidemic and sanitary-hygienic measures.
The staff of the Central district hospital, develops and delivers in the area of complex measures for outpatient maintenance of leading trades workers of state farms, industrial enterprises, collective farmers and the rest of the population.
On dispensary account take:
a) healthy: machine operators, milkmaids, livestock, farm managers, leaders of agricultural production, people working in unfavourable working conditions, and boys under 18;
b) patients: ulcer of stomach and duodenal ulcers, anatsidnyh gastritis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, tuberculosis undergoing typhoid and dysentery, etc.
The medical examinations are engaged in all medical institutions of the district under the guidance of doctors of the Central hospital. Specialists of the Central hospital, according to the schedule, visit all numbered and district hospitals district. There they advise patients, exercise control over the implementation of previous recommendations on the organization of work, analyze the quality of medical aid to the population and so on
Attaching great importance to the training of doctors and nurses, hospital regularly hosts regional conference for physicians, feldshers, and midwives. These conferences dealt with the current issues of the clinic and treatment of various diseases with a detailed discussion of them.
One of the forms of training nurses to regularly work of feldshers, nurses and midwives, district hospitals in the Central hospital. Thanks to all medical personnel of healthcare institutions in the district gradually passes improvement of professional skill.
In the Central hospital as well as in other hospitals, doctors together with nurses working in hospitals, clinics, and help at home. Functions of nurses in basically the same as in the above municipal United hospital.
Along with the Central district hospital in the region continue to function former district hospital (before consolidation of rural administrative districts) or, as they are now called, district (numbered) hospital. Their activities are mainly outside the former borders of the old town. These hospitals stored function of major hospitals within the old areas. They is specialized inpatient and outpatient assistance to residents of the locality in which they are located, and the entire population of the district; but mostly living on the territory of the former district.
Physicians number of hospitals according to the schedule of the visit local hospitals, medical stations, providing there Advisory assistance to the doctors and the average medical workers. As in the Central hospital, here is the training of doctors and nurses his "Bush". The activities of the district hospitals and medical stations.