Cancer and milk

For a long time cancer of the breast mice. This tumor can always be in the laboratory, and it is quite natural that she was the object of a variety of observations.
Among the many theories of the origin of cancer at one time was popular theory that cancer can be inherited from parents to children. To prove this theory American researchers were selected family of mice, including cancer, and the family, among which there were these diseases, and crossed among themselves brothers and sisters in these families. Such intra-crossing lasted for many generations. This has resulted in two different breeds of mice: one in which breast cancer was sick almost all the females, and the other, in which these diseases no.
It would seem that heredity theory of the origin of cancer received an excellent proof.
In fact, what need more proof that the cancer is inherited, if you have a "cancer" breed mice, in which all mice have cancer, and other "non-cancer", in which no mouse cancer is not ill. Supporters of inheritance cancer celebrated the victory. This question seemed quite clear. But... that clarity existed just a few years.
Newborn mice "cancer" of the breed took from their mothers before they began to feed them, and I turned to the females "cancer" of the breed. The newborn also this last lifted to feed to the females "cancer" of the breed. If the cancer is hereditary, then any impact this move would be. Can't have that, or the other milk affect hereditary properties of the organism! Turned out, however, is not what was expected. In mice "cancer" of the breed, fed mouse "cancer" of the breed, not arisen cancer, and mouse "cancer" of the breed, fed mouse "cancer" of the breed, they are sick. These experiments were repeated many times, but the results were the same. Therefore, it is not in the rock, not heredity, and in milk. Tested this conclusion. Took milk mice "cancer" of the breed and introduced it syringe under the skin or in the belly mice "cancer" of the breed. Was held from 8 to 15 months - and they came down with cancer. Undoubtedly, the milk is some kind of agent that causes cancer. This agent was a virus. It was to recognise the researcher - Bitner, - who was a supporter of the theory of inheritance of cancer and who have found that breast cancer mice passed milk.
In recent years, the virus of breast cancer has been studied in detail. It turned out that cancer occurs in mice only if the virus enters their body not later than 3-4 weeks after birth. In this case, the mouse get cancer at the age 8-18 months. However, if the virus enters the body of the mouse later 3-4 weeks after birth, the disease does not occur, although the virus remains in the body mouse for life.
In the study of blood cancer (belokrovie) mice found that susceptibility to the virus lasts for a shorter period of just a few days after birth.
Therefore, these viruses are really low, as expected Mechnikov. They can settle down in the body only in the case if they are very young, not resisting them the body. We do not know, unfortunately, what are the properties of viruses that cause tumors person, "Oh there is reason to suppose that they are less active and show their boleznennostew only under special conditions.
But what is this special conditions? Is it possible to artificially increase the activity of the virus, to make it more harmful? Turns out you can. Will votren the virus that causes warty growths of skin rabbit - skin, skin healthy rabbit. 20-40 days he will see small warts that will grow very slowly. Now, take another healthy rabbit and before instill in him the human papilloma virus, will votre in his skin several times some carcinogenic substance, and then graft branches the human papilloma virus. In this case, the growth of warts will be much more lush, they will appear before, will grow faster and in 5-6 months will occupy much larger area. A similar picture lush growth of papillomas we will witness in the case, if the skin rabbit pre-times 5 - 6, at intervals of several days, a good scratch or grease turpentine, etc., what is the matter? Why is activated the virus in these conditions? When we enter into the skin carcinogenic substance or sarapeum it and brush it with turpentine, we will damage the cells that make up the surface layer of the skin. To fix this damage, the cells begin hard to multiply, there are many young dividing cells. If damage is inflicted repeatedly, the number of such cells is further increased. There is a hotbed of young dividing cells. But this is the most favorable environment for reproduction of viruses. Viruses are most actively reproduce it in young dividing cells. Therefore, one of the most important conditions for the manifestation of opujolevidnami virus its virulence is the emergence in the body foci young dividing cells.
Now, we know now that viruses that cause tumors exist, to be sure. We know also some conditions, in the absence of which these viruses years remain in the body without causing it any harm.
All of the above observations, was essential for the hypothesis about the role of viruses in the origin of cancer. It has been proven that many cancers among the various species of animals caused by viruses that these opujolevidnami viruses have different properties: some cause tumors quickly - within 2-3 weeks; others only after 8-12 months or more and for the occurrence caused by the disease to the presence in the body of a number of conditions; others are masked when the tumor is malignant. There were also found some conditions, a positive effect on reproduction opujolevidnami viruses.

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