Symptoms of pancreatic cancer

The clinical picture of the disease develop gradually, and at first pancreatic cancer is asymptomatic. There despepsiceskie disorders: eructation, loss of appetite, especially for meat and fats, irregular bowel movements, prone to diarrhea, meteorism, nausea, vomiting. Develop weakness, weight loss, sometimes insomnia and irritability. Sometimes receive periodic or permanent . excruciating pain in the upper abdomen with irradiation in the left half of the back, the left hypochondrium, a pain in the waist, the arm or shoulder. Pain is usually not associated with eating, sometimes accompanied by salivation. They are more intense horizontal than vertical. Constant dull pain caused by sprouting cancer tissue capsule and abdominal cover of the pancreas, and intense, brutal pain - compression tumor solar plexus.
In connection with growth of the tumor certain phenomena mechanical compression of nearby organs. Compression of bile duct cancer of the pancreatic head entails the development of obstructive jaundice, accompanied with painful itching. There symptom Courvoisier (palpated increased mobile and insensitive gallbladder). The compression of the pancreatic duct (main and additional) stops the flow of pancreatic juice into the intestine, which is reflected in the digestive process (developing creatore and steatorrhea). Compression of the portal vein violates the portal circulation with the subsequent development of signs of portal hypertension. The compression of the Vena cava inferior leads to swelling and cyanosis of the lower extremities, stagnation in the kidneys. The compression of the duodenum prevents the passage of food, etc., cancer metastases to the liver, stomach, gall bladder and other organs hinder identification of the primary cancer.
Palpation of the tumor is possible only if the latter has significant value and dense consistency in malnourished patients with indolent abdominal pressure. More palpable tumor body and tail cancer. From neoplasms of the stomach it is different immobility and often ripple passed her abdominal aorta. In cancer of the pancreas relatively quickly develops cachexia. Especially fast latter occurs if there is a branch of pancreatic juice, which leads to a violation of digestion and assimilation of food. Often, patients with upset carbohydrate metabolism, but the real diabetes develops extremely rare, as a cancerous lesion is usually not is of a diffuse character.
Temperature cachexia - subnormal, but in the period of disintegration of the cancer can be high or low.