Cancer is caused by viruses?

When in 1910 in Paris Mechnikov talked with Bezrodnoy about the origin of tumors and suggested that the pathogen cancer is a virus in new York at the Institute for medical research was to study sarcoma chickens. This disease has long been known at poultry farms. One such farm and sent a sick chicken for research in the Institute. Young bacteriologist Peyton Raus, in fact, did not know what to do with it. Again search in this tumor bacteria? But this is an idle exercise. Bacterial theory of the origin of tumors went bankrupt completely and irrevocably. And what if to try to find in it a virus? Raus carefully rubbed the tumor and to the formed gruel added water. The obtained extract he was filtered through a filter with pores were so small that they didn't miss not only the cells, and bacteria. These pores could miss only the virus. What if to instill this filtrate healthy chickens? Rouse got filtered extract into the syringe and inject it into the breast muscle few chickens. Two weeks passed. Ill one hen. Then got sick two, three. By the end of the month sick all. It turned out that in the filtrate sarcoma actually contained a virus which caused the appearance of this tumor.
Work rous not attracted any attention. He simply did not believe. In fact, it has been established that tumor grows only in case if to vaccinate an animal, as shown by another Novinsky, a piece of the tumor tissue containing a very large number of cells, many millions, and then suddenly the growth of the tumor is called a leachate, which is no tumor cells. This is incredible! This is exactly contrary to the established facts!
But observations rous was confirmed: the filtrate chicken sarcoma, certainly not containing any cells, caused the appearance of sarcoma in healthy chicken, and the tumor had grown through 14-18 days. Is it right Borrell and Mechnikov, who claimed that the tumor caused by viruses? But it is nothing else but the virus cannot be in the filtrate of the tumor. I had to admit that sarcoma is caused some filterable virus. However, in more detail to investigate this sarcoma! It is not quite similar with other malignant tumors in its structure. It's probably not the "true" tumor, and a kind of tumour-like reaction of the tissue to the virus. This freak among tumors. This is the exception that proves the rule. But the rule says that any viruses or other infectious agents are irrelevant to the tumors have not.
The years went by. Chemical theory nikopsia new confirming its facts. Almost no one was interested in the possible role of viruses in the origin of tumors. Anyway viruses at the time, not only is little studied, but there was a clear idea about what viruses. And really, what are viruses?

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