Instrumental study of gastric cancer

In recognition of early cancer of the stomach in recent decades has gained importance gastroscopy. The most accessible for gastroscopy cancer of the body of the stomach. Challenges the research output of the Department of the lesser curvature of the above angle, and particularly the recognition of cardiac and subcardial cancers. Gastroscopy is especially shown in patients when the radiologist does not find carcinoma, and the clinic points it out, or when the radiologist has suspicion about cancer, but can not prove.
Widely used gastroscopy with panoramic optics, allowing directed gastrostomy (C. I. Reteen, 1963). Recently, widespread fibrogastroscopy. Using fibergastroscope can be observed atrophic gastritis where visually on the mucous no evidence of atrophy and, most importantly, are the study of cardiac, subsidiary and other departments of the stomach (Matsuda, 1959; Hircshowitz, 1963), which for ordinary gastroscopes previously thought inaccessible. The technique of application of fibergastroscope have become easy and comfortable for patients, and consoles that allow to see the picture on the screen for all present, doing research more convincing.
For further diagnosis cardiac cancer is possible to get success in some cases and from the use of ezofagoskopia under intravenous anesthesia with the use of muscle relaxants.
Used since 1950 study using gastrocamera gives an excellent picture of the mucous membrane in the color photographic film and has less blind fields than gastroscopy. This gives the possibility to use the method for detection of early stages of stomach cancer. If fluoroscopic detect surface polygon niche area to the corner of the stomach and convergence breaking of pleats of various width, gastrocamera allows you to see the place on the front wall of the corner of the stomach or, if fluoroscopic found the stiffness of the circuit and the subtle defect on the lesser curvature of the stomach, gastrocamera allows you to see the yellowish-red dirty surface with the hemorrhages and large sites. As a valuable method in the diagnosis of superficial cancers gastrocamera allows you to take pictures at an appropriate distance and in various directions, gives the image of the smallest irregularities and color changes of the mucous membrane in the color film.
Noteworthy method of contrast photographic prints from the surface of the mucous membrane of the stomach, performed by introducing into the stomach probe blown cylinder coated with a photosensitive emulsion (Acting Vorobyev).