Operating diagnosis of stomach cancer

In unclear and questionable cases of gastric cancer of great benefit provides diagnostic laparotomy. It is shown and in cases where in-depth clinical study with repeated x-ray and other research does not create certainty in the absence of gastric cancer. You should distinguish between the 2 options diagnostic laparotomy. In the first variant, it is performed in order to verify whether there is cancer or not. If the patient is nothing else is not burdened, such diagnostic laparotomy, as a rule, a safe and easily tolerated. In the second variant diagnostic laparotomy is done when you want to check, remove this cancer of the stomach. In cases of neglect of cancer such laparotomy is for the patient is more heavy and is not free from failures. In some cases it is necessary to resort during diagnostic laparotomy and to diagnostic gastroduodenoscopy. In detail are studied, and clarifies all the defects of mucous, it suspicious areas, growth submucosal infiltrative fibrous forms of cancer. If in doubt, you can resort to biopsy of the suspicious area of the stomach wall, but remember that you can navigate only about availability of this piece of cancer, because of not finding it does not mean that cancer is not.
Not without practical value for the diagnosis of bad palpable during the operation of small infiltrates in the wall of the stomach his cooperationa transluminale and radiopaque arteriography.