Prevention of gastric cancer

Prevention of gastric cancer is particularly developed and widely implemented in the USSR. Its main principles are:
1) familiarize the public through a wide sanitary-educational work with the main causes of and conditions for the development of stomach cancer and teaching people about better eating and food regime;
2) organization of systematic onkoprofilakticheskim examinations at least the organized population aged 35 years in order to identify not only the early and obvious cases of stomach cancer, but those with "pre-cancerous" a disease of a cancer of a stomach (chronic hypoacidity gastritis, stomach polyps, ulcers of the stomach with chronic recalcitrant over).
3) take on clinical supervision of all identified with precancerous diseases of the persons implementing them in a systematic and persistent treatment of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease;
4) steady recommendation operation as soon as the recognized polyposis, or when conservative treatment of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease do not reduce the symptoms of the disease, ulcer becomes kallusnoi and so on;
5) after conducting operations further complex treatment of patients with previously mentioned precancerous diseases by assigning a balanced diet and regime in accordance with the functional state of the organism and of the gastric mucosa. However, you can get a better long-term results amenable to follow up 10 and more years.