The prognosis of gastric cancer

The prognosis of patients with gastric cancer depends on many reasons, first, on the stage of the disease, with which the patient is asked for help. Without surgery for all patients, irrespective of the disease stage, predpolozhitelno life is determined 12-14 months, some other literary data is 9-10 months. Greatly influenced by the age: the younger patient, the cancer quickly leads to death.
In addition to the stage, age, partly floor, on the duration of life in cancer of the stomach is affected by those factors which were already noted in the above diagram morphological classification.
As for the forecast from positions of postoperative results, there is also the situation remains far from satisfactory. Even in the successful cases, remote success is not always exceeds the 5-year deadline that modern oncologists believe mandatory. According to the already mentioned Gissendorfer, persistent slickest repetiremos stomach cancer is 15-20% among the operated.