Stomach cancer

The incidence of cancer of the stomach (40% of all cancer cases and high death rates among the population (according to the Leningrad Institute of Oncology of AMS of the USSR for 1934-1948, from 35,5 to 44.5% among the dead) are not decline.
Not accidentally, the United Nations established the prize for the valuable work on this disease.
On sectional data among all malignant tumors of stomach cancer is 38.5%. The incidence of stomach cancer among men and women on various statistical data are different, but in General is for men about 60,0%, and for women around 40,0%. At a young age (aged 30 and younger) stomach cancer is less common than in more advanced (for 30 and more years); however, in recent decades it has become more frequent in younger.

   The etiology and pathogenesis
   Pathological anatomy and classification
   Clinical symptomatology and diagnosis
   Laboratory methods
   Instrumental examinations
   Diagnostics with the use of radioactive zone
   Operating diagnostics
   Clinical course and complications